Use Finder Tabs on Mac Finder is a file management application that comes with every Mac. Thanks to the tabs, you can keep multiple folders open in the same window to avoid confusion. How to use it.

It’s not a secret, but perhaps one of MacFinder’s most underrated features is tabs. Tabs became more popular in web browsers in the late 1990s and first appeared in 2016 on macOS with 10.12 Sierra. In the Finder, tabs allow you to keep multiple folder windows open at the same time without cluttering your screen. You can also move files between tabs. This is great for quickly organizing your files.

In open Finder windows, the tab bar may not be visible by default. To show the tab bar, click the View menu at the top of the screen and select Show Tab Bar. Alternatively, you can press Shift + Command + T on your keyboard. You can also open as many tabs as the Finder can handle. If the number of open tabs exceeds the width of the tab bar of the open window, the tab label scrolls horizontally. You can scroll between them by clicking the left or right tab bar. Happy discovery.

How to Use Finder Tabs on Mac

How to Use Finder Tabs on Mac

I explained the basics of using the Finder. Change Pubg Name with Symbols For Mac beginners, this is an essential tool for getting familiar with macOS. An important aspect of using the Finder is the tab feature.

Just like working in Safari or other browsers, you can use tabs to open multiple websites instead of each new window, and the Finder works the same way. You can make it easier to work between them by opening different Finder folders in tabs instead of separate windows.

It also saves screen space. Instead of clicking on a specific folder like the application, you can probably find out where you want to go by opening the Finder first from the dock icon. For example, it might be a folder in the sidebar. Selecting this folder replaces the contents of the current Finder window.

But maybe that’s not what you want. We recommend that you open this folder in a different folder. Let’s look at
examples. Suppose you want to open the download folder and something from it. B. Move the image to another folder, such as an image. This is the best time to start using tabs in the Finder.

How to Use Finder Tabs on Mac

How do you organize files on a Mac?

Click the desktop, select View> Sort, and select an option. If you want to control the placement of files on your desktop, leave Sort set to None. You can also organize your files neatly if you want. Simply click on your desktop, select View> After Cleanup, and choose how you want your files organized.

You can open two Finder windows to view the contents of two folders at the same time. Double-click the folder you want to work in to open it in a Finder window. Alternatively, you can click the Finder application in the Mac Dock to open a Finder window and navigate to the folder.

How do I move files in Mac Finder?

Launch the Finder from the Dock and browse for the file you want to move. Various locations on your Mac appear in the left pane of the Finder. Simply drag and drop the file or folder to the desired location. You can use this drag-and-drop method to move and save files to folders.


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