Update Xbox Controller Drivers on Pc after you connect your Xbox One Controller to your Windows 10 PC, you find that you can’t mess around utilizing the controller. You might accept the driver isn’t introduced. In any case, it’s normal that Windows automatically downloads and introduces the driver for the controller. What happen then?

You’re correct that Windows 10 automatically introduces the driver when you connect it to the PC. However, it’s as yet conceivable that Windows doesn’t introduce the driver. For this situation, you really want to update the driver on your own. There are two methods for introducing and update the driver. Simply pick the way that is simpler for you.

You connected your Xbox One Controller to your Windows 10 PC, however, shockingly you can’t mess around utilizing the controller. Since Windows is said to automatically download and introduce the driver for the controller. At any point wondered why this occurs?

One of the common reasons for this issue is absent or obsolete Xbox controller driver Windows 10. The most ideal way to fix this issue is to update your Xbox controller driver. This post, makes sense of how that should be possible in the simplest manner conceivable.

how to update xbox controller drivers on pc

How to Update Xbox Controller Drivers on Pc

It’s not difficult to update the Microsoft Wireless Controller (Cancel Xbox Subscription on PC) utilizing a Windows 10 PC. You’ll simply have to download a Microsoft application, plug in your controller, and adhere to the onscreen instructions.

The Xbox One gaming console permits clients to update their controllers. While it isn’t needed, Microsoft makes successive firmware updates to the gaming embellishment. These firmware updates make different upgrades to the controller, including improvements for headset connector abilities and significantly more.

The Xbox Wireless Controller is the controller that boats with Xbox Series X and Series S consoles, however it additionally works with Windows PCs, Apple gadgets, and then some. Microsoft routinely delivers firmware updates that work on the presentation of the controller or fix similarity issues with Steam, Android phones, Apple TV, and iPhones. So in the event that you’re disapproving of your Xbox controller, a product update could fix it.

how to update xbox controller drivers on pc

Does Windows 10 have Xbox controller drivers?

Follow these means to introduce your Xbox 360 wired controller on Windows 10: Plug the Xbox 360 controller into any USB 2.0 or 3.0 port on the PC. Windows 10 will automatically introduce drivers for your controller, so you won’t need to download or introduce programming other than Windows 10 updates.

Find and grow Microsoft Xbox One Controller. Right-click the extended Microsoft Xbox One Controller and select Update Driver Software. Select Search Automatically for Updated Software.

Does Windows 11 support Xbox controller?

It’s feasible to utilize a Xbox One regulator to mess around on your PC in the event that you favor a gamepad over a mouse and console while gaming on your PC. Moreover, on the grounds that the Xbox One regulator is locally upheld by Windows 11 (as well as Windows 10), the arrangement cycle is incredibly basic.

Extend Xbox Peripherals, right-click Microsoft Xbox One Controller and select Update driver. Pick Search consequently for refreshed driver programming Windows will scan your PC and the Internet for the most recent driver programming for your regulator and introduce it on your PC.


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