how to update vvdi key tool

Max is an expert savvy gadget with multi-capability, Bluetooth and WI-FI correspondence interfaces coordinated inside. This gadget can do transponder cloning, producing, opening and significantly more.

  • Interface the gadget to the PC with a USB Link.
  • Click the “Update On the web” button to begin the update.
  • Hang tight for the update finished.

VVDI Key Tool Max Ace Joins elements of Key Tool Max and Scaled down OBD Tool, Accompanies coordinated CANFD for GM vehicles and Across the board, Adds battery voltage estimation, and spillage current estimation, It is a genuine little tablet, with worked in OBD capability.

how to update vvdi key tool

Updating VVDI Key Tool

Update is done by means of key tool max overhaul. You want Xhorse Keytool Overhaul Unit. Introduce it on your PC, ensure Web associated on the web. Associate white USB link gave on Smaller than usual OBD Dongle to PC USB.

Simply adhere to on spring up screen guidance. This stage do not turn ON your VVDI Key Tool Max. The redesign pack will Auto Recognize your gadget and update to the following rendition.

Significant update firmware form in succession do not leap to the most recent Rendition number. Do it bit by bit until you get the most recent adaptation.

How to use VVDI Key Tool:

(Here take Age of MG3 433 Remote Key for instance)

  • Open VVDI Key Tool far off producer, select “Distant Age”
  • Select vehicle country/region,i.e China
  • Select Vehicle Make:MG
  • Select model: Old MG3 433
  • Associate VVDI key tool with vvdi small scale far off programmer, click on produce
    Select relating remote sort, remote or wire remote
  • After select age remote, vvdi key tool will produce standardized identification automatically , snap a picture of the scanner tag
  • Use unravel gadget to translate the remote key with the scanner tag.
  • The new produced remote is practically equivalent to unique remote with standardized tag

how to update vvdi key tool

How to Update VVDI Key Tool Max firmware?

Key Tool Max does not have to interface PC with xhorse overhaul unit programming to update firmware. Simply interface key tool max with web to update firmware is alright. Simple to update.

What can VVDI prog do?

Xhorse VVDI Prog is a progressive EEPROM tool. The product permits you to peruse and compose EEPROM information documents, streak (program and information) memory and MCUs and save them in the product application. You can then bring the saved records into your transponder programming gadget (Tango, VVDI2, Miraclone and so forth.)


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