how to update trophies on psnprofiles

Trophies on Psnprofiles up in the top right corner of the site there’s your psn name with a little drop down bolt. On the off chance that you click on that you can physically update your prize rundown on here. On the off chance that you don’t do it physically then it’ll do it automatically however will only make it happen in the event that your a top notch client it’ll do it like clockwork. Ordinary enlisted client it’ll do it like clockwork and non enrolled at regular intervals.

I’ve as of late purchased a PS3 – never had one back on first delivery, so have been replaying a portion of the games that I had on 360. However, for reasons unknown the trophies are not matching up to my PSNprofiles profile. I have defiently got them in the game, and are showing on my prize rundown on the ps3. However when I take a gander at my profile on here, they dont appear to update that consistently. I have had a go at refreshing physically yet to no profit. There’s ones that popped 2+ weeks prior that still arent showing up on here for reasons unknown.

Most certainly need a few instances of issue games as you have a not many that have synchronized into your rundown over the most recent few weeks (Tomb Raider, Harry Potter… )

how to update trophies on psnprofiles


How to Update Trophies on Psnprofiles

Pretty much consistently before I crash for the evening, Renew License on PS3 I synchronize, then, at that point, I endeavor to update my new trophies for the afternoon, yet I continue to run into the funk, blah, standard records can be only updated like clockwork. Alright, gotcha, then, at that point, when was the updated? Shouldn’t I have the option to run 1 update myself.

My trophies won’t update. I’ve synchronized them with the server (three separate times) and updated my profile on here (additionally three separate times), yet none of my trophies are showing up on my profile.

For example, the way things are, my profile says With 20 trophies not showing up, I’m not exactly certain what to do. I’ve checked the status reports and nothing on PSNprofiles has all the earmarks of being down and all the other things is by all accounts functional. There’s been a ton of posts/notices on this. Something is messed up on PSN’s end and that is meddling with the prize updates here. There isn’t exactly much we can do however trust that Sony will figure it out.

how to update trophies on psnprofiles

How do you update PS3 trophies?

Seeing trophies on PS3 doesn’t physically match up them like on PS4. You’ll need to hit triangle when you’re in the prize menu and select Sync trophies. That is how you physically sync on PS3.

Premium individuals are auto updated at regular intervals, customary individuals are updated like clockwork. And I think perhaps profiles that aren’t enrolled with the site are once every week.

Why am I not getting PS3 trophies?

You would have to begin a fresh out of the plastic new game, short mods, to start getting trophies. There may likewise be an issue where your prize rundown has not updated. To check if so, sign out of your PSN account altogether, reboot your console and sign once more into your record when provoked from the principal screen.


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