Firmware rendition 3 and lower should interface with a server to update. Form 4 and later of the firmware can update from the gadget’s setup page.

Polycom has a page and openly available server for updating or minimizing the product of Polycom IP phones with stock Polycom programming and design records.

Today’s discussion will be on Polycom and how to transfer the most recent Firmware. For some of you this will be a dreary perused, in the event that you have done this previously, yet for those simply beginning in the business, or simply needing to gain proficiency with some new data on VoIP, then this is for you. It will simply require a little investment, a bit of real effort and some equipment.

To get this going how about we start with the cerebrums behind everything: the TFTP server, otherwise called, Inconsequential FTP server. You can find tons of projects like this on the web however the one that we use in our home is SolarWinds.

how to update polycom vvx 500 firmware

Polycom VVX 500 Firmware

Figure out how to do the most widely recognized capabilities on your phone. For data not covered beneath, kindly allude to the maker’s client guide.


  • Call Sending
  • Try not to Disturb (DND)
  • Voice message Access
  • Speed Dial
  • 3-Way Calls
  • Move A Call
  • Hold
  • Change Ringtone
  • Presence Monitoring


  • Extra Equipment
  • Headsets

Supported Features

  • Call Dealing with Features
  • UI Features
  • Include Keys
  • Display
  • Network and Provisioning
  • Equipment


Before you start:

  • Confirm you have made a gadget profile.
  • Check you have doled out the phone’s Macintosh address to the gadget profile.
  • Check you have appropriately connected the phone.
  • From the Phone Menu
  • From the Internet UI
  • Factory Reset
  • Reset Secure Provisioning

how to update polycom vvx 500 firmware

Why is my Polycom phone not working?

Ensure that the phones are associated with an Ethernet/LAN link, and associated with the right port on the phone ensuring that the associations are secure and not free. Have a go at interfacing one of the impacted phones to a known working place (where a working phone is associated) with check whether you come by a similar result.

The various key blends on the VVX 500 phone are as per the following: Reboot the Phone — Press and hold 0, 1, and 3 dial cushion keys at the same time until an affirmation tone is heard or for around three seconds.

Playing out a factory reset on outsider Polycom deskphone returns its settings to factory-default, and erases all stored data.

Utilizing the paperclip, press and hold the restore button. While holding the restore button, press the power button once. Keep on holding the restore button for around 13 seconds, until the front Drove begins blazing rotating blue and golden. Then discharge it.

Does Polycom VVX 500 have Bluetooth?

Polycom VVX 500 does not help Bluetooth straightforwardly. So to utilize a Bluetooth remote headset, you will require Plantronics Explorer 5200 Bluetooth Headset , which incorporates a Bluetooth USB dongle that furnish the Bluetooth remote capability with 100ft of reach.

In the event that you could do without mailing things, you can likewise reuse old gadgets at Altruism, Best Purchase, or Staples. The EPA and MyGreenElectronics both deal reusing assets also. Another great choice for reusing old Polycom phones is to give them away.

One method for associating is to plug into your laptop both the USB link to Polycom Studio, and a HDMI or other display link for the monitor. [Alternatively] your IT division might have a center point gadget in the room that permits you to connect only one USB-C link to associate with both Polycom Studio and the monitor.


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