update pokemon sun and moon

On May 16, 2017, new update pokemon sun and moon opened up. Kindly pause for a minute to download and introduce this update while your Nintendo 3DS family framework is associated with the Internet.

Refreshing Pokemon Sun and Moon (alongside Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon) is just about as straightforward as beginning the game while associated with the web. A spring up will inform you that a product update is accessible. Tap Update or press Y to go to the fix download page.

update pokemon sun and moon

On this page, you will observe everything to be aware of the Software updates for Pokémon Sun and Moon (initially delivered on November eighteenth in Japan, North America, and Australia, and November 23rd in Europe).

Update Pokemon Sun and Moon

To interface your 3DS to the web, open the System Settings on your 3DS (showed by a wrench symbol). Click Internet Settings, then, at that point, Connection Settings. You can either look for a WiFi association physically or let the 3DS walk you through the interaction.

How to update?

To download updates for Pokémon Sun and Moon, you have three choices:

  • attempt to send off the game from the Home Menu, while being associated with the web. You ought to get a brief while doing as such: simply adhere to the directions on-screen;
  • look for Pokémon Sun and Moon in the Nintendo eShop, and select the update for your version(s) (NB: you want to download the update for every variant you own!);
  • utilize the choice in the Nintendo eShop Settings page.

To make sure that you have the most recent Pokemon Snap Update rendition of Pokémon Sun and/or Pokémon Moon, just send off the game: you should see the adaptation number on the principle screen, in the top right corner of the bottom screen (Ver. 1.2 all things considered).

Pokémon Sun and Moon – Ver. 1.2

  • Delivery date: May sixteenth (North America)/May seventeenth (Europe, Japan)
  • Record size: 296 squares/37MB (Pokémon Sun) – 296 squares/37MB (Pokémon Moon)

Fix notes:

  1. Fixed the issue that happened while assaulting with Sky Drop on a Pokémon utilizing Spiky Shield.
  2. The issue where Scatterbug didn’t learn Egg Moves appropriately.
  3. Different fixes to improve interactivity

Extra changes:

  • Fixed an error that permitted clients to control Pokémon Pelago by altering the date
  • An error that would permit you to give eggs very much like you would any customary thing
  • Error that would make the game accident assuming the last thing in your sack was an advancement thing, and you utilized it

Extra Notes: when this update has been introduced, any Battle Videos saved preceding this can’t be played or shared. Likewise, you really want to introduce it to continue to utilize the web-based elements of the game.
Source: Nintendo/Serebii

update pokemon sun and moon

Pokémon Sun and Moon – Ver. 1.1

  • Delivery date: January tenth (North America)/January eleventh (Europe, Japan)
  • Record size: 296 squares/37MB (Pokémon Sun) – 296 squares/37MB (Pokémon Moon)

Fix notes:

  • Fixed an error where the Z-Memento and Z-Parting Shot were not working as expected;
  • Fixed an error where some unacceptable not entirely settled assuming the Rocky Helmet made the two players lose their last Pokémon;
  • Fixed an error where Pokémon would here and there not learn moves after they developed;
  • Changes have been made to make for a more wonderful gaming experience.


This update fixes the issue with the Rocky Helmet thing and the Memento and Parting Shot moves (click here for additional subtleties), yet additionally the one where a Pokémon would not get familiar with a move while advancing when it ought to do as such. You want to update to utilize the web-based elements of the game. Likewise, accounts made with Ver. 1.0 are not viable with Ver. 1.1 of the game.


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