how to update opengl version ubuntu

In this post we will perceive how to introduce OpenGL on Ubuntu.In request to introduce OpenGlL you really want to type just couple of orders.

OpenGL is a cross-stage, cross-language Programming interface that gives us an enormous arrangement of capabilities that we might use to deliver 2D and 3D vector illustrations. The Programming interface is regularly used to associate with the GPU, to accomplish equipment sped up delivering.

how to update opengl version ubuntu

Update Opengl Version

Installing dependencies

Prior to installing the necessary libraries, we’ll first need to introduce a couple of dependencies. So open your terminal and run the accompanying orders:

  • sudo adept get update
  • sudo adept get introduce cmake pkg-config
  • sudo adept get introduce plateau utils libglu1-plateau dev freeglut3-dev plateau normal dev
  • sudo adept get introduce libglew-dev libglfw3-dev libglm-dev
  • sudo adept get introduce libao-dev libmpg123-dev

GLFW Library

Before you start with making shocking illustrations, you really want to instate an OpenGL setting and make an application window to attract. We’ll do this utilizing a well known C library: GLFW(Graphics Library System). This library likewise assists us with taking care of the contribution from the joystick, console, and mouse.

GLAD Library

As we probably are aware, OpenGL is just actually a particular that is executed insider of the driver that your illustrations card upholds. Since there are a wide range of versions of OpenGL drivers, the area of the vast majority of its capabilities isn’t known at incorporate time and should be questioned at run-time. Presently it’s a lumbering cycle to recover the area of the capability and burden that in capability pointers, for each capability we want. Fortunately, there’s a library that can save us the problem: GLAD.

Running your first OpenGL Program

You’re presently finished with installing the necessary libraries. Time to test in the event that everything was introduced appropriately utilizing “Hi Triangle”: a basic program to deliver a triangle.

how to update opengl version ubuntu

How to update OpenGL to 3.3 Ubuntu?

  • Open terminal either through Ctrl+Alt+T or via looking for ‘Terminal’ from programming launcher. At the point when it opens, run order: sudo add-adept repository ppa:ubuntu-x-smack/updates.
  • In the wake of adding the PPA, do framework update by means of order: sudo well-suited get dist-upgrade. adept get update.
  • First open your terminal and update the repository utilizing order : $ sudo adept update.
  • In this order your establishment will be completed.Type the accompanying order : $sudo adept get introduce freeglut3-dev.

How to upgrade OpenGL version linux?

  • first add nvidia repository. sudo add-able repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa. sudo able update.
  • list potential drivers. sudo ubuntu-drivers gadgets.
  • do an upgrade. sudo able upgrade.
  • introduce suggested driver. sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall.
  • reboot.
  • select Applications/Extras/Terminal on the Ubuntu desktop.
  • type ls/usr/incorporate/GL. in the event that glut.h gl.h and so on are there, fantastic. …
  • I then duplicated program1.c to the desktop.
  • disc desktop.

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