One of the cool highlights presented by Vizio’s line of savvy TVs is the inherent Chromecast gadget. Chromecast, obviously, is the streaming media connector from Google that allows you to play video and music through real time features straightforwardly onto your TV. The different channels, including music and games, are coordinated into “apps” on Vizio TVs. Since these apps are programming put together and run with respect to the coordinated Chromecast’s processor, keeping the apps updated is fundamental. This article will show you how to keep the apps updated on your Vizio shrewd TV.

A few TVs have an application store from where you can download and introduce apps while others just give a predetermined number of inherent apps that you can’t change. For quite some time, VIZIO Smart TVs permitted you to add and erase apps, however, in 2016 they changed their methodology with the send off of their SmartCast stage.

update older vizio tv apps

The greater part of the shrewd TV has in constructed application store from where you can download and introduce how to update apps on vizio tv without v button the application. While certain organizations give a set number of inherent apps in the shrewd TV which you can’t change separated from refreshing them to a more up to date form.

Automatically Update Older VIZIO TV Apps

The first framework for adding apps to Vizio Smart TVs was called VIA, which stood for Vizio Internet Apps. To update apps on these models, you need to do it physically update Pokemon Sun and Moon. This interaction requires eliminating the VIA application and reinstalling it or playing out a firmware update (which does likewise).

To update your apps just, you really want to eliminate then reinstall each application:

  • Press the V or VIA button on your remote.
  • Select the application you need to update and choose the yellow button on your remote.update older vizio tv apps
  • Assuming you see Update, hit that. On the off chance that you don’t, select Delete App and afterward OK.
  • Affirm your decision purchase featuring Yes and squeezing OK.
  • Explore to the App Store utilizing your remote.
  • Select the App you need to update, or reinstall and choose OK.
  • Select Install and permit the cycle to finish.

Vizio utilizes the Yahoo stage to have these apps, so you will see the ‘Yahoo Connected Store’ while choosing them.

Manually Update Older VIZIO TV Apps Firmware

  • Turn on your TV, explore to Settings and System to check the firmware adaptation number under Version.
  • Download the most recent firmware for your model of TV from the Vizio support site. Select Support and enter your TV model number to get the right firmware. Contrast it with the Version recorded on your TV and continue assuming the introduced form is older.
  • Rename the record you downloaded to ‘fwsu.img.’ This permits your TV to remember it as a firmware picture document.update older vizio tv apps
  • Duplicate the record to your USB drive.
  • Power off your TV and supplement the USB crash into your TV.
  • Power on your TV. You should see a blue light on the TV letting you know it has gotten the USB and the firmware picture document.
  • When the blue light goes out, power off the TV and eliminate the USB drive.
  • Power on the TV, explore to Settings and System to check the firmware rendition number under Version to ensure you’re running the most recent firmware.


Refreshing your VIZIO TV is probably the most ideal way to guarantee that it stays protected and that you don’t wind up with obsolete apps and different highlights that don’t work. Pick the correct method for refreshing in view of the kind of VIZIO TV you have.


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