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The Oculus Quest gets updates regularly, and a significant number of these updates incorporate spic and span highlights. Yet, to guarantee you’re getting these new elements, you want to ensure that your Update Oculus Quest is refreshing.

You can set your Oculus Quest to update consequently, or then again in the event that you’re running rendition 9.0 or later, you can search for updates physically in the Settings menu on the headset, so you can forever be certain you’re utilizing the freshest programming accessible.

The Oculus Quest is a splendid mix of equipment and programming. The experience on the Oculus Quest will just improve as the product is updated with new elements and bug fixes. A few significant elements have shown up on the Oculus Quest through updates, including Walker Fire Update and backing for viable Oculus Go games. Assuming your Oculus Quest is running adaptation 9.0 or later, you can check for updates to ensure you’re state-of-the-art.

Last week, I distributed my post with regards to the most recent update of Update Oculus Quest that gives new fascinating elements like Passthrough+ and 3 DOF mode. Later that article, certain individuals have requested that me how update the Quest so that to attempt these elements too, so I’m composing a total instructional exercise to show you how you can update your Quest and attempt its most recent functionalities!

How to check for updates

In the event that your Oculus Quest is running rendition 9.0 or more current, you can check for updates.

  • Put on your Oculus Quest.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select your See All.
  • Tap About.

In the About segment, your gadget’s rendition number is recorded on the top. On the off chance that there is an update accessible, you will see a choice to update your Oculus Quest in this part physically. Simply press the Install button on the off chance that one shows up.

How to set up automatic updates

Assuming that your Oculus Quest is running a rendition sooner than 9.0, there isn’t an approach to physically trigger an update. You can, notwithstanding, set up your gadget to get programmed updates.

  • Open the Oculus application on your telephone.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select your Oculus Quest. This should trigger it to match your telephone and gadget on the off chance that they aren’t combined as of now.
  • Tap More Settings.
  • Tap Advanced Settings.
  • Flip on the change to Update Software Automatically.

Your Update Oculus Quest will presently naturally get updates. What amount of time it requires for your gadget to update might differ.

How to check your device’s build number

At the point when you see a post on the web or hear that another update is accessible, you’ll need to check assuming your gadget consequently updated as of now. You can check your Oculus Quest’s fabricate number from either your telephone or inside the headset.

From your phone

  • Open the Oculus application on your telephone.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select your Oculus Quest.
  • Tap More Settings.
  • Tap About This Headset.

From your Oculus Quest

  • From the home screen, select Settings
  • Select See All
  • Select About

Update Oculus Quest

Construct numbers are the least demanding method for ensuring that your Update Oculus Quest is cutting-edge. Simply take a look at the number shown utilizing the techniques above versus the form number you know is the most recent rendition.


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