update audi navigation maps

On account of the internet based association of your Audi, you are out and about with the most recent navigation maps. On a semi-yearly premise, Audi associate updates the maps and update audi navigation maps shows the most recent streets and current blockages. The current navigation information is accessible in the vehicle for download with LTE speed.

Searching for an Audi map update for your area? You’re perfectly positioned! We offer the most recent maps overhauls for Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore, and Middle East. Look at our items and audi navigation sd card download in your Audi’s MMI!

update audi navigation maps

I just checked the Audi site and the Complete 2021 Map Update is accessible for downloading through the PC. As this is a 10.4 GB document download for the total bundle, I download it to my PC then, at that point, duplicate it over to the MMI through a SD Card.

Cost Needed to Update Audi navigation maps?

Satellite navigation frameworks have turned into a need for today’s drivers, including the people who drive Audi vehicles. How much it cost to get the most recent maps introduced in your vehicle shifts Update your Unturned Server altogether between the distinctive vehicle makers.

All things considered, this part will be letting us know the expense of refreshing your Audi navigation maps. From the initial three years when the vehicle is delivered, you have a constraint of up to five free downloads. However, when you have depleted your free navigation maps downloads, you begin paying cash for the download.

  • Assuming you are utilizing an A3 hatchback, you would spend around £164 for each update you do.

That cost does exclude work charges or VAT. It is likewise essential to take note of that this figure might vary between the various sellers. Along these lines, assuming you are hoping to have your Audi navigation map updated, you can make a few inquiries to ensure you get the least expensive proposition.

Update Audi Navigation Maps MMI

We offer a wide scope of Audi map updates for all MMI types and vehicle models. Every one of our items are certifiable and come directly from Audi. You can introduce them yourself – you’ll get full guidelines from us and the entire cycle shouldn’t require more than 1-2 hours.

What Audi navigation updates would you be able to purchase in our shop? We offer items for MMI 2G, MMI 3G (Basic, High, Plus), MIB 1, and MIB 2 with maps of Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore, and Middle East.

Our updates are viable with most Audi models, as A1, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, Q2, Q3, Q5, Q7, Q8, R8. Other than map updates, we additionally offer group packs which contain both firmware and navigation update. In our shop you’ll likewise track down transformations from the wide range of various locales to EU.

Firmware for your MMI

Above all else – you can’t do an Audi map update without the most recent MMI firmware introduced! Actually take a look at your firmware variant – in the event that it’s not the current one, pick one of our group packs containing both the firmware and the Audi maps update.

How would you be able to check whether you have the current rendition of firmware? You really want to go to the Engineering Menu of your vehicle’s MMI. Contingent upon your Audi model you’ll have to press various buttons – ordinarily, it’s a mix of CAR and SETUP buttons – you can actually look at the full guidelines here.

In the Engineering Menu you’ll see the current adaptation of the product – record it and type it in our Check Upgrade Tool – it’ll show you whether an update is accessible, and furthermore what sort of MMI you have.

Assuming you want both the product and maps update, pick a group pack. Assuming you have the most recent MMI firmware, purchase simply the current form of Audi navigation for your district. Not certain which item is ideal for you? Contact our backing – we’ll assist you with tracking down the update for your Audi!

How to Update Audi Navigation Maps?

It’s more straightforward than it appears! You can do it without anyone else’s help – you’ll simply require the first guide update records from our store, two SD cards, and some spare energy. As we’ve referenced previously, you’ll likewise require the most recent firmware rendition. In the event that you haven’t done it as of now, go to the Engineering Menu of your Audi’s MMI, actually take a look at the firmware form and type it down in our Check Upgrade Tool. There you’ll realize whether a group pack is vital – or the single Audi map update is adequate.

To update maps in your Audi, adhere to the guidance underneath:

  • Purchase an Audi map update – after buy you’ll get a download interface
  • Unload the documents with 7zip
  • Design a SD card in FAT32 and duplicate the update documents to it
  • Embed the card in one of the SD cards spaces in your MMI

Stand by 30-60 seconds – from that point onward, Audi navigation update menu will show up – pick “Yes”
Full maps establishment directions can be viewed as here for MMI 3G High/Plus and here for MMI 3G Basic.
After the establishment, you’ll have to actuate the maps. To do that you need to place a guide activator in a SD card (FAT32 designing).

Stand by 30 seconds – a screen with directions will show up. Then, at that point, you’ll need to reboot your MMI again – your updated Audi maps are prepared to utilize!

Audi’s Update Rules Are:

  1. The most recent guide updates can be downloaded here for nothing and afterward introduced in the vehicle by means of SD card. You can download and introduce the updates a limitless number of occasions. The Map Update incorporates the initial five updates to the adaptation of the guide introduced at the factory. The updates are given at regular intervals.
  2. Moving the new guide bundle overwrites the guide bundle at present stored in the MMI. The at present introduced form can be found in the MMI under – > Setup MMI – > Version data – > Navigation data set nation adaptations.
  3. You can likewise have the new guide information introduced by an Audi seller (there would be a charge for this help).

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