Type the Section Symbol in Microsoft Word on the off chance that you’re creating an authoritative record and need to insert the section symbol (§), Microsoft Word offers two or three different ways and a customized easy route key to insert this symbol. We’ll show you how to add this symbol to your papers advantageously.

On the off chance that your console offers a numeric cushion (numeric keys to one side of your other keys), utilize a fast console easy route to add the section symbol to your record. Press and hold down the Alt key on your console and enter 0167 using the numeric cushion. At the point when you discharge the Alt key, a section symbol (§) will show up at your cursor’s area.

Assuming that your console has no numeric cushion, utilize Word’s “Insert” menu to insert the section symbol in your record. This is the very menu that allows you to add numerous other symbols. To utilize it, first, place your cursor where you need to add the symbol in your report. Then, in Word’s lace at the top, click the “Insert” tab.

How to Type the Section Symbol in Microsoft Word

How to Type the Section Symbol in Microsoft Word

It’s one of the principal minor disturbances each first-year regulation understudy faces: creating the § in a Word record. Create EA Account on Xbox There are ways of getting around learning this ability, like copying and pasting the section symbol from somewhere else or writing out the word “section.” However, for lawful writing purposes, it is presumably best to know how to get the § in N.C. Gen. Detail. §7A-13 without resorting to a work-around.

The most straightforward method for typing the Section symbol is to utilize the Alt Code easy route technique. This strategy is utilized to type symbols and characters that has not been relegated a vital on the console.

To type the Section symbol, press and hold the alt key while you type the symbol’s alt code which is 0167 on the numeric keypad, then discharge the Alt Code. This technique works just on Windows. For Mac clients, investigate the other choices. Using the Alt Code strategy for Windows, and the Shortcut for Mac, you can undoubtedly insert this symbol (§) anyplace on your PC or Laptop including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

How to Type the Section Symbol in Microsoft Word

Where is the symbol for section?

The section sign, §, is a typographical person for referencing individually numbered sections of a record; it is habitually utilized while citing sections of a legitimate code. It is otherwise called the section symbol, section mark, twofold s, or silcrow.

Click on the menu choice Insert. On the drop-down menu, click on the menu choice Symbol. On the Symbol screen that showcases, click on the Special Characters tab. Click on the “section” symbol (§) in the rundown of symbols that presentations, then click on Insert and Close.

How do you insert a section symbol in pages?

You can basically go to Edit > Emojis and Symbols and pick a significant symbol or emoticon from the not insignificant rundown. On the other hand, you can tap on the person watcher for a streamlined menu. It’s ordered by Arrows, Latin words, Pictographs, Punctuation, and that’s just the beginning. It’s simpler to find a symbol structure this menu.

To type the section symbol (§), press and hold the “Alt” key, then enter the numbers “0167.” On a Mac, press and hold the “Choice” key and enter the number “6.” If this doesn’t work, your section symbol might be bound to an alternate keybinding.


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