iPhone’s Low Power Mode when your phone’s battery hits 20%, you’ll be asked to turn it on. Prior to that, you can activate Low Power Mode to extend the life of your battery. This is how it goes.

Low Power Mode turns off settings like Hey Siri, mail fetch. And other features that users frequently use to extend the time between charges for their iPhones. For some reason, only iPhones and not iPads support Low Power Mode. Low Power Mode may also be turned on directly from the Control Center as of iOS 11.

A “Low Power Mode” prompt will show up when your iPhone has 20% battery life remaining. You may select whether to “Continue” and enable Low Power Mode or “Cancel” and disable Low Power Mode once your iPhone has informed you of the capabilities that will be temporarily blocked. According to reports, using Low Power Mode can extend the amount of time your iPhone lasts before dying by one to three hours. What you’re doing with your iPhone will determine a lot of things.

How to turn on your iPhone's Low Power Mode

How to turn on your iPhone’s Low Power Mode

When you need it most, your iPhone’s battery is going low. Clear your Deleted Photos on an iPhone The iPhone’s Low Power Mode can be used in the following ways. It might be difficult to keep your phone’s battery charged. Especially if you’re travelling for a lengthy period of time and won’t have time to recharge it.

Making ensuring you can use your phone’s data while you’re on the road is even more crucial now that we can access so much on our iPhones, including Apple Pay, Covid Passes, and services like Spotify.

Fortunately, there is a solution to help alleviate this problem. As Apple has included a Low Power Mode function that scales back background activities to prevent battery waste. To learn how to utilise the iPhone’s Low Power Mode, continue reading.

The iPhone’s Low Power Mode function makes the bold promise that it can extend battery life by up to three hours. Reducing screen brightness, turning off Email Fetch, automatic downloads, background app refresh, iCloud Photos, and other unused services can save power.

How to turn on your iPhone's Low Power Mode

Is it good to keep iPhone on low power mode?

Your iPhone or iPad will last longer when Low Power Mode is enabled, but some functions could take longer to update or finish. Additionally, you may need to switch off Low Power Mode or fully charge your iPhone or iPad before doing some actions.

When your phone’s battery is running low and you need to get to the next charge quickly, or when you know you’ll be without power for a long time and want to preserve the phone’s full charge, low-power mode is a better option.

Is it OK to leave your iPhone charging all night?

As you can see, it is not a good idea to let your iPhone charging over night. In addition to shortening the battery’s lifespan, it can also make the battery overheat. The battery might catch fire and cause damage to people. Make sure you have a power bank and bring your charger to prevent this.

Is it harmful to fully charge my phone? Your phone’s battery should never drop below 20% or rise beyond 80% for optimum battery life. When the battery on your smartphone shows a 100% charge, it may give you peace of mind, but this is really bad for the battery.


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