This article encourages you how to turn off automatic updates on your Android smartphone, just as how to turn them back on.

Assuming you’d like to stop your Android from automatically refreshing, it’s genuinely easy to do as such once you know where to look. This is what to do to handicap automatic Android framework updates.

Keeping your Android applications updated is significant, as these updates as a rule incorporate bug fixes and security updates. Furthermore as a matter of course, turning off auto update on android your applications will no  more update automatically at whatever point another version is accessible.

Turn off Auto Update on Android

The reason your Android needs standard framework updates isn’t only that you can profit from new elements. Regularly, updates are important on the grounds that they fix a current bug or an error revealed by the clients.

All things considered, some Android clients would like to hold off on their gadgets getting an automatic update and would rather do it physically.

Giving yourself an opportunity to investigate what the new updates carry will give you a feeling of what’s in store when you at long last update Android OS on your gadget. Thus, to guarantee you don’t get automatic updates on your Android, this is the way you can turn them off. You can also read about Disable Windows Update from here.

Postponing the Updates

Practically all Android gadgets give you the option to download the new OS version utilizing only Wi-Fi. The most recent updates are regularly over 100MB, and the vast majority would prefer not to spend their information on getting the new OS.

Regularly, this is the default setting on Android. However, you can turn it off. At the point when you do, you will only get a notification that the new Android OS version is accessible, however the gadget won’t automatically download it.

Then, at that point, you can go into the gadget’s settings and download the updates physically when you’re prepared. This is the way you do this:

  • Go to your Android phone’s Settings.turn off auto update on android
  • Tap on “Programming update.”turn off auto update on android
  • Toggle the “Auto download over Wi-Fi” change to off.turn off auto update on android

Turn Off Auto Updates for Google Play Apps

You probably won’t be against having your Android OS get ordinary updates. In any case, with regards to auto-updates for applications, that is an alternate story. What number applications have you downloaded from the Play Store? All applications have normal updates, and the most famous issue them as often as possible.

While a few clients don’t see an issue with that, others end up confused each time they get a notification that their gadget has low storage, or their portable information is coming up short.

With Android applications, manual updates are frequently the more judicious solution. This is the way you can set that up on your gadget:

  • On your Android gadget, send off the Play Store application.turn off auto update on android
  • Tap on the three horizontal lines in the top left-hand corner of the screen.turn off auto update on android
  • Presently, select “Settings” trailed via “Auto-update applications.”turn off auto update on android
  • From the spring up screen, select the “Don’t auto-update applications” option.turn off auto update on android
  • Tap on “Done.”turn off auto update on android

Your applications won’t update automatically any longer. You’ll currently need to update them physically — you can track down information on how to do this by looking at our article, “How to update applications on your Android gadget physically or automatically.”


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