Slide in Madden 21

For Sliding in Madden 21 it can assist you with gaining yards without the danger of fumbling the ball, which can change the tides of a nearby game. Quarterbacks and other expertise position players can utilize the slide for their potential benefit in dilemmas. Knowing how to slide in Madden 21 can assist you with winning games against intense adversaries.

Sliding is significant in light of the fact that quarterbacks are more inclined to fumbling than different positions. In the event that you permit your QB to get hit, there’s a decent possibility he’s going to relinquish the ball. Also, on the off chance that you just hit the button to jump, your quarterback will probably bobble too in light of the fact that for reasons unknown.

To Slide in Madden 21, you should simply tap “X” on XBOX frameworks or “Square” on Playstation frameworks. You can do this with any player on the field yet it is most usually finished with a quarterback to keep away from a success.

On the off chance that you instead need to simply conceal the ball to diminish the reasonable hood of you fumbling, simply hold RB/R1 to conceal the ball. You will not have the option to break many handles and you will not run exceptionally quick, however you will clutch the ball. The main special case is in case you are a quarterback wherein case you might need to slide instead.

In a new update to Slide in Madden 21, EA changed how to slide and Cleanse Crystals. Past to this change you simply needed to hit the jump button (Square on PS4 or X on Xbox). While past the line of scrimmage and your QB would slide.

How to Slide in Madden 21

Sliding as a Slide in Madden 21 is simple, however there are a couple of things that should be done first. Players should be past the line of scrimmage and should be running with the quarterback to initiate a slide. Players can plunge by holding the square/X button, however this will make the quarterback jump forward. Diving can help quarterbacks in certain circumstances, yet it additionally makes it simpler to bobble.

Instead of holding the plunge button, simply tap it to make the quarterback slide and end the play. This makes the quarterback stop without the danger of dropping the ball. This should likewise be possible with other expertise position players like wide recipients, running backs, and tight finishes by holding the two triggers and pressing the Square/X button.

Now and again ending the play by sliding is the best choice as it can keep the safeguard from stripping the ball or permit players to call a break. A few players disapprove of this system, yet it is a brilliant strategy each Madden 21 player ought to comprehend.

Slide in Playstation

  • Delivery R2 Trigger and press the Square

In request to slide, you’re going to initially have to scramble. To scramble as a quarterback, you hold R2 on Playstation and RT on Xbox. Whenever you’ve gone too far of scrimmage, you’ll be permitted to slide whenever sounds good to you. Ordinarily you’re going to need to slide as you see safeguards approaching for a tackle.

To Slide in Madden 21 (Xbox)

  • Button Release the RT Trigger and press the X button

To slide, you’re going to adhere to the instructions above. While you press R2 and RT to scramble, you’ll need to relinquish that button before you press Slide in Madden 21. On the off chance that you clutch the rushing button, your player will plunge instead of slide.

Diving works close to the objective line as you can go into the parameter. It’s an ill-conceived notion in the open field.

Likewise, sliding isn’t simply saved for quarterbacks. You can slide as any position player. You’re in an ideal situation trying shed safeguards as a running back or wide collector instead of sliding.


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