Set Age Restrictions on Disney Plus is one of the most popular streaming platforms. Offering a vast variety of movies and TV series. However, it’s crucial for any parents or legal representatives out there to understand how secure the site is for a younger audience. Disney has thankfully made it incredibly simple to establish age limitations on each profile. So you won’t have to worry about any small children unintentionally viewing a show that isn’t appropriate for them.

To learn how to create age limitations on Disney Plus in the simplest possible method, keep reading. Star on Disney Plus has finally debuted after months of waiting. Subscribers now have access to hundreds of hours of TV episodes and movies from the entertainment giant’s wider creative studios through this new tile under the Disney Plus streaming service. But given the availability of shows like The X-Files, 24. And the dark new police thriller Big Sky. It’s obvious that the programming on Disney+ Star differs from the company’s usual family-friendly fare.

How to set age restrictions on Disney Plus

Set Age Restrictions on Disney Plus

Disney Plus has up until now made sure that all of its programming is suitable for families. Xbox Account for Minecraft in 2022 Following the international launch of the Disney Plus Star channel and the arrival of the Netflix Marvel programmes on Disney Plus in the United States, things altered. The consequence of this is that parents will need to learn how to set up Disney Plus parental controls.

However, Disney Plus is primarily a family-friendly service, therefore precautions have been made to ensure that young viewers don’t encounter inappropriate content. This indicates that parental controls have been installed to ensure that children only view appropriate content.

Only Disney Plus in some overseas areas, such as the UK and Canada, offers the Star channel. It is planned to house material that is inappropriate for a youthful audience and is primarily aimed toward adults. The Die Hard films, Deadpool, 24 and anything else that Disney owns but hasn’t yet been able to stream on its streaming service. This inclusion keeps Disney Plus in the top tier of streaming services. And in our opinion, it is an important weapon in Disney Plus’ war against Netflix.

How to set age restrictions on Disney Plus

Why does my Disney Plus only go to 14+?

Go to your account settings right away! You must first sign in to your Disney+ account. Then, choose the option that enables profile editing. Scroll all the way down when in editing mode until you find “Parental Controls.” Exactly what we need to uncover is this.

Why can’t I change my Disney Plus rating?

Simply launch the Disney+ mobile app and do the following actions to update your content rating later, whether to impose more limitations or less ones: In the upper corner, select Edit Profiles. Choose the desired profile. Select Content Rating by swiping down.

By setting up the rating, you may block shows on Disney Plus if you wish to limit access to a certain type of content. Videos without the G or TV-7FV designation are automatically restricted by this setting.


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