how to renew vyke number

To start the process for Renew Vyke Number you should guarantee that your Phone Number is renewed before its expiry. While you can continue to make outbound calls using your VOIP Line, you will not have the option to receive inbound calls on your Phone Number post expiry until and except if you renew it. You can renew your Phone Number for a minimum period of one month to a maximum period of 12 months all at once.

If your Phone Number is not renewed before its expiry date and time, you risk forever loosing your Phone Number. If it’s not too much trouble, note that the Phone Number expiry date and time shown to you in your DoorVaani account is in GMT. This blog entry explains how to physically renew your Phone Number.

how to renew vyke number

New features available on the Vyke

You can now easily add additional mobile numbers to your Vyke app directly from our website. Numerous clients have been asking for this element so we have added it here as well as in the app. Once you sign in to your Vyke account, select Profiles starting from the drop menu. If you as of now have Vyke Numbers in your app they will display here and you can easily add them here if not.

Select ‘Add Profile’ and pick a nation (UK, USA, Canada, Netherlands or Poland), giving it a name that will make it stick out – this name will spring up when individuals call you on this number. Pick your duration and click buy and your new Vyke number will soon be added to your app.

You can likewise erase Vyke numbers from here. Be cautious however, once you erase a number you can’t get it back.

How to make free calls with Vyke

The Vyke app has long offered minimal expense domestic and international calls and messages, yet since we sent off our redesigned app last year you can now call and message other app clients totally free of charge. Peruse on to find out how to make free calls with Vyke.

If you’re new to Vyke you’ll first have to download the app to your smartphone from the App Store or Google Play. Once you’ve registered open the dashboard of your SIM Profile and select Contacts. You will then be offered your full phone contacts and a different tab called Vyke. Click on this tab to see who you realize who’s as of now using Vyke. If none of your contacts are on Vyke click on ‘Invite to Vyke’ to send a free SMS to any of your contacts.

You’ll get pinged when any of your contacts joins Vyke, and the free call and message icons will display close to their name. Simply tap the free call icon to make free calls with Vyke.

New Vyke Android app released

We do extensive testing of our apps through our worldwide organization of analyzers. Yet we additionally depend heavily on our clients to send feedback on issues they experience, especially on Android. Where there are such countless different producers, devices and screen resolutions to help. Our clients are additionally invited to demand new features.

how to renew vyke number

How do I get my Vyke number back?

Slipped by Vyke numbers cannot be retrieved. Your free Vyke number will expire following 30 days except if somewhere around one “occasion” happens in that period.

Once you have downloaded Vyke you are offered a number as a feature of the registration cycle. Or click the ‘Add number’ button from the home screen to choose an additional mobile number. Then simply add credit to make minimal expense calls from your main number or from your new Vyke number.

Why is my Vyke number not working?

You might have to turn on notifications. On an iOS device select your phone Settings > Vyke >Notifications > Permit Notifications. Android devices fluctuate yet you might choose your phone Settings > Sound and notifications > App Notifications > Vyke > Toggle Block to ‘off’.

Sign in to your Vyke account on our website and select Actions starting from the drop in the top right. Click on ‘Move Credit’ (becomes green when highlighted) enter the sum you might want to move and afterward the number of your contact in international organization.


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