Remove the Annoying Icons in Windows 10’s Search Bar the specific component is classified “Search Highlights”. And it integrates a rotating set of icons into the right-hand side of the toolbar search bar. Depending on the day the icons are explicit. For example, the one seen above with a putting green and golf ball to commend the U.S. Open golf tournament — or more nonexclusive sections on less remarkable days with recommended foundations like photos of U.S. public parks or such.

As well as placing the symbol in the search box on Windows 10. The “Search Highlights” include additionally puts “featured” content into the search menu on the two Windows 10 and Windows 11. The features include news, trending stories. Little expression of the day and statement of the day tiles (probably carried out on sluggish news days,) as well as a trending searches tile as seen previously.

In the event that you like Microsoft’s offered to emulate a kind of Google-esque everyday doodle combined with a little news aggregator in your search menu. Then you can, normally, simply leave things how they are.

How to Remove the Annoying Icons in Windows 10’s Search Bar

How to Remove the Annoying Icons in Windows 10’s Search Bar

One of the elements that came to Windows 10 starting a couple of fabricates prior is a Windows Search box Update Laptop Graphics Card where Cortana used to reside. Furthermore, it takes up a decent piece of room on the taskbar. Assuming you would prefer to have more space on the taskbar for icons, you can dispose of it.

On the off chance that you’re new to Windows 10 or have been using it for some time now, you will like this stunt. It sets aside more space for other things you could need on the taskbar.

At the point when you search for an application, document, or other things, a search results box will spring up with the best matches. It additionally includes highlights at the top that consider more top to bottom and explicit searches assuming you really want them.

To remove the search box you have two or three choices. Right-click in the container or a vacant region close to it on the taskbar. From the menu go to Search and you can decide to simply Show search symbol or select Hidden. To start with, here’s a gander at showing just the search symbol – it seems to be a magnifying glass and is only a button. You can in any case tap on it to do a search, yet it opens up a decent lump of room on the taskbar.

How to Remove the Annoying Icons in Windows 10’s Search Bar

Why are there icons in my search bar?

Instead of simply displaying the search field on the Windows Taskbar, Microsoft seems to have added Search Highlights icons to the right-half of the field on certain gadgets. These icons address what is significant about the ongoing day, according to Microsoft.

Why is there a graphic in my Windows search bar?

One of the new elements of Search Highlights in the Windows 10 and Windows 11 search box is a mini realistic to remind you of different occasional minutes consistently.


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