One AirPod Not Working something’s off-base. The causes can go from the sensibly basic (low battery charge or grimy AirPods) to the complicated (issues with organization or sound settings).

Considering that, there’s no single reason for this AirPods issue so there’s no single fix, by the same token. The best thing to do is stroll through investigating ventures until the AirPod begins working once more.

The least complex and undoubtedly clarification for one AirPod not working is its battery is drained. AirPods can deplete batteries at various rates, so regardless of whether you’ve charged your AirPods simultaneously, one could hit a dead end first. Really look at AirPods battery duration or take a gander at your battery gadget and charge in the event that you really want to.

You probably won’t hear the sound in one AirPod in light of the fact that there’s gunk developed in it, hindering sound from getting out. That could be build up or residue, or even earwax. Really look at your AirPods, and on the off chance that the speakers look obstructed, clean your AirPods.

Fix: Why Is Only One AirPod Not Working

Fix: Why Is Only One AirPod Not Working

AirPods are expensive yet helpful remote headphones that are best matched with an iPhone, iPad, or Macintosh. Add Funds To Your PSN Wallet In some cases they don’t exactly act in the manner you expect, similar to when one AirPod will not associate by and large. Here are a few fixes you can attempt when you experience this issue.

It might sound self-evident, however the primary thing you ought to do is check that the AirPod being referred to has a charge. To do this, put it into the charging case. In the event that the light working on it becomes green, the AirPod is completely energized. In the event that the light working on it becomes yellow, the AirPod is charging.

We’ve noticed that one AirPod at times discharges totally, while different has a lot of charge. Why does this occur? On the off chance that the sensors on the AirPod are grimy. They may never again detect when you put them into your ears. An AirPod that believes it’s dependably in your ears is an AirPod that is generally on.

In the event that the Drove on your AirPods charging case isn’t doing anything by any means. There’s a decent opportunity the charging case needs a charge. Take a stab at connecting it to a Lightning connector or utilizing a remote charging cushion. Expecting your model of AirPods upholds remote charging.

Fix: Why Is Only One AirPod Not Working

Why is one of my earbuds not working?

On the off chance that a solitary headphone only removes incidentally, have a go at twisting and taping the line until sound comes through it once more. On the off chance that twisting the string doesn’t work, you might have to open the miniature headphone and weld the association assuming you’re ready to. Now and again, you might have to purchase new headphones.

In the event that one or both of your AirPods or Charging Case need substitution due to actual harm. You can swap each harmed thing for an out-of-guarantee expense. Assuming your AirPods are covered by AppleCare+ for Headphones, you’ll pay only an AppleCare+ administration expense for every occurrence.

Can you use 1 AirPod if you lose one?

If you would rather not shell out the money for another AirPod when you’ve lost one, your AirPods will not be altogether futile. Apple has planned the AirPods so you can utilize only one all at once.


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