The nvidia geforce gt 640 was a mid-range designs card by NVIDIA, dispatched on June fifth, 2012. Based on the 28 nm process, and in view of the GK107 designs processor, in its GK107-300-A2 variation, the card upholds DirectX 12. Despite the fact that it upholds DirectX 12, the component level is just 11_0, which can be hazardous with more up to date DirectX 12 titles.

The GK107 illustrations processor is a normal estimated chip with a bite the dust space of 118 mm² and 1,270 million semiconductors. It highlights 384 concealing units, 32 surface planning units, and 16 ROPs. nvidia geforce gt 640 has matched 2,048 MB DDR3 memory with the GeForce GT 640, which are associated utilizing a 128-cycle memory interface. The GPU is working at a recurrence of 902 MHz, memory is running at 891 MHz.

Each PC merits incredible designs. The EVGA GeForce GT 640 illustrations card takes advantage of the incredible cutting edge GeForce design to convey premium sight and sound execution and dependable passage level gaming – without fail. Demand EVGA devoted designs for quicker, more vivid execution nvidia geforce gt 640 drivers in your beloved applications.

Recommended Gaming Resolutions

The nVIDIA GeForce GT 640 2 GB DDR3 Dual Slot Graphics Card from EVGA conveys premium sight and sound execution and solid section level gaming. Highlights 384 handling CUDA centers with 2048 MB memory and full help for Microsoft DirectX 11. It is viable with OpenGL 4.2 applications just as nvidia geforce gt 640 CUDA and PhysX advances. Upholds TrueHD and DTS-HD sound piece streaming and three simultaneous presentations.

Notwithstanding these triumphs, Kepler has appeared to be frightfully hesitant to consider going all in the shallow waters of the low-end market. Until recently, the least expensive Kepler card Nvidia could offer desperate fans was the GeForce GTX 670—which, at $400, truly isn’t exceptionally modest by any means.

Nvidia GeForce GT 640 Upgrade

Much else reasonable was gotten from Nvidia’s more seasoned Fermi engineering and produced utilizing a 40-nm fab interaction. Meanwhile, AMD acolytes have had an entire arrangement of best in class, 28-nm Radeons to browse, including the $109.99 Radeon HD 7750 that returned out in February.

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The GT 640 illustrations card guarantees prevalent designs and superior execution in your applications.
The GeForce GT 640 backings PCIe 3.0 transport design, which offers most noteworthy information move speeds for all transfer speed hungry games and 3D applications. It is likewise in reverse viable with existing PCIe motherboards.

Nvidia GeForce GT 640 Detailed Overview

The CUDA innovation speeds up video transcoding, material science reproduction and beam following.

  • Consequently, it conveys extraordinary execution enhancements over customary CPUs.
  • GeForce upholds nvidia geforce gt 640 PhysX, which empowers another class of actual gaming association for a more powerful and sensible experience.
  • NVIDIA SMX Engine is a cutting edge streaming multiprocessor worked from the beginning for prevalent execution and power proficiency.
  • The GPU Boost innovation progressively expands clock speeds dependent on game responsibility for predominant execution.
  • The versatile Vertical Sync progressively empowers vertical sync dependent on current casing rates for a smooth gaming experience.
  • The blend of superior quality (HD) video decipher speed increase and post-handling conveys picture lucidity, smooth video, exact shading and exact picture scaling for films and recordings.
  • NVIDIA 3D Vision carries full stereoscopic 3D experience to PC games with innovative remote glasses and progressed programming. You can stream 3D films and 3D computerized photos from in perfectly clear quality.
    nvidia geforce gt 640
  • GeForce upholds nVIDIA Surround that permits you to extend your PC games across three shows in full stereoscopic 3D. It upholds triple screen gaming with non-3D Vision screens. You can likewise include a fourth frill show to gain admittance to your email, web and different applications while you are gaming.
  • The FXAA innovation from nVIDIA, a shader-based enemy of associating innovation accessible from the nVIDIA Control Panel, empowers ultra quick enemy of associating in many PC games. Additionally, TXAA innovation, a fleeting enemy of associating procedure that conveys extreme picture quality and execution, is likewise upheld.
  • The Microsoft DirectX 11 GPU with Shader model 5.0 is intended for ultra elite execution in the new API’s (Application Programming Interface) key realistic element and GPU-sped up decoration.
  • It guarantees similarity for OpenGL and OpenCL applications.
  • EVGA Precision rethinks the overclocking programming and supports the most recent GPU innovation. Moreover, OC Scanner is adjusted with most recent GeForce vitals to highlight a pristine look and format.

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