MSI Geforce GTX 1660 TI Gaming X

Continuous beam following and DLSS is essential for the highlights being presented on the NVIDIA GeForce RTX cards. While it’s amusing to have these highlights, it doesn’t comes reasonable to the majority of the standard clients. NVIDIA then, at that point, delivered the MSI Geforce GTX 1660 TI Gaming X, a substantially more reasonable choice for clients who doesn’t actually require the RTX highlights.

For this review, we’ll be taking a gander at the MSI GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Gaming X 6G. Which is ‘all that’ can propose for its arrangement. We’ll keep the introduction short until further notice, so how about we continue. The review and see what sort of execution would we be able to anticipate.

The card we are investigating today is the Geforce GTX 1660 TI. This card is the most elevated timed GTX 1660 accessible from MSI with a GPU Boost clock of 1860 MHz.

At the point when NVIDIA delivered the GeForce RTX 2060 recently, in light of its cost. Theory and a few tales started highlighting the equipment creator preparing another line of non-RTX Turing-based GPUs. Cards that would overlook RT-centers and the AI Tensor centers committed. To beam following and AI impacts to propose a more reasonable passage point into present day gaming.


From the bundle plan, we can see that MSI Geforce GTX 1660 TI Gaming X is attempting to accentuate the RGB lighting and the Twin Frozr 7 cooling plan in a truly clear way. As it’s utilizing the Nvidia Geforce GT 730 Drivers

, you’ll consider the ‘Turing Shaders’ to be one of the featured highlights at the front of the case rather than ‘Beam Tracing’ due to the missing the RT and Tensor centers.

At the rear of the case, you’ll track down more subtleties on the featured elements. For its warm plan, you have the third era Torx fans 3.0, streamlined heatsink for better cooling execution. Concerning the RGB lighting, you’ll have a lot of segments of it – MSI logo on the cover, lining on the two sides of the cooling fans.

Adornments insightful? There’s not a lot you can find, truly. What you’ll find in the adornments box is drivers and utility CD, fast client’s aide, a napkin sheet(?) and that is basically it.

The MSI GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Gaming X 6G

From the outset, you can promptly tell that the plan is practically the precise of the one on the MSI GeForce RTX 2060 Gaming Z. It includes a similar Torx Fan 3.0, which is the most recent plan of the MSI notable Torx fan that is comprised of two diverse fan edge plan to work on centered wind current and static strain for a stunningly better cooling execution.

The 3 concentrated heatpipes can be seen from the side of the card, which is in direct contact with the copper baseplate of the whole heatsink. You’ll likewise see that the metal backplate is really a full inclusion plan that conceals the PCB and heatsink altogether from the view, which is a vastly improved plan when contrasted with the MSI Geforce GTX 1660 TI Gaming X.

To control up this card, you will require at least 400W power supply that accompanies something like a solitary 8-pin PCIe power connector. While NVIDIA expressed that a base 400W power supply is needed for the GTX 1660 Ti, MSI suggests a power supply with at least 450W for its GTX 1660 Ti Gaming X.

MSI Geforce GTX 1660 TI Gaming X


Since the cooler is intended to react after the temperature of the MSI Geforce GTX 1660 TI Gaming X. You’ll end up with a somewhat awkward inactive temperature around 50~56°C. However from our perception, that fan will really begin turning when the GPU temperature hits around 58°C. As we increase the GPU burden to 100% with Unigine Heaven benchmark, 66°C. The most noteworthy temperature we’ve recorded for the GPU temperature.

MSI Geforce GTX 1660 TI Gaming X


  • Strong form quality
  • Great cooling execution
  • Processing plant overclocked
  • Extremely quiet activity
  • Utilize less power yet runs quicker than a GTX 1070


  • Really expensive for a GTX 1660 Ti

Last Thoughts

With a compelling lift clock at practically 1900MHz on load, the MSI GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Gaming X 6G. Probably going to be one of the quickest GTX 1660 TI Gaming X you can get on the lookout. All through our exhibition test, we can see that it’s really utilizes less power and run quicker. Than a GTX 1070 Founders Edition on most event. The main thing that is missing here is likely the 6GB memory. Which is the main thing that the GTX 1070 has that is superior to the GTX 1660 Ti.

Separated of having higher lift clock than a portion of its rivals, the form nature. The actual card is something worth to be featured. The metal backplate for one, offers additional support to the PCB just as reward highlight the style. Which isn’t that normal among the GTX 1660 Ti you’ll find on the lookout. With respect to the cooler, the cooling execution is extraordinary yet the inactive temperature of 56°C. Simply something that we wouldn’t have any desire to see on our designs card when it’s not busy.


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