In this article I will explain you how to install google play services on smart tv. What I found out is that any TV running any version of the Android working framework will totally uphold the installation of Google Play Store as well as any outsider applications through APK. In the event that, TV doesn’t have Android. Then, at that point, it is absolutely impossible to install any application on it. However, you can undoubtedly convert your TV into Android TV by buying an Android set-top box and connect it utilizing HDMI.

The TV you have in front of you might have preinstalled applications like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Facebook, Internet program. TV producers like Samsung, TCL, Sony, and LG sell their LED and LCD TVs with some small bunch of applications preinstalled. In the majority of the cases, TV fabricated by Hisense, Toshiba, and Philips doesn’t accompany any application.

Assuming it is absolutely impossible to download or install new applications or update the current ones. Then there is plausible that your TV isn’t viable with Google Play Store.

how to install google play services on smart tv

How to Install Google Play Services On Smart Tv

In Samsung smart tv assuming you are attempting to install google play store or on the other hand assuming you have downloaded google play apk and attempting to install it on Samsung smart tv. You also read 10 Best Mechanical Keyboards for Typists from here.

And confronting mistake like the record design isn’t upheld then this implies that you can’t install google play store on Samsung smart tv on the grounds that Samsung doesn’t run on android working framework and Samsung smart tv run on independent Samsung working framework which won’t permit you to install applications from google play store however you can install outsider applications on samsung smart tv utilizing apk and it won’t permit you to install chrome program also I presume.

As made sense of above Samsung tv doesn’t permit you to install google play store and there are a few hacks accessible online to accomplish this however those hacks won’t chipping away at your Samsung smart tv, assuming you are attempting to install google play. Best suggested is contact Samsung support and request further help or any other option.

how to install google play services on smart tv

Indeed you can’t install as Samsung tv doesn’t utilize Android working framework you can only install applications from Samsung play store which comes prebuilt in Samsung tv and furthermore you can have the option to install google play motion pictures in Samsung tv as this comes prebuilt in Samsung tv.

Can I get Google Play on my smart TV?

No you can’t get google play store on smart tv on the grounds that the vast majority of smart tv run on various Os. They don’t have android engineering on them subsequently google play isn’t upheld.

in any case, there is a solution for that you can purchase android tv boxes and join it to your smart tv through your hdmi link. This is only solution by which you can overhaul your tv.

Can I install Google Play on my Samsung Smart TV?

Verify whether the Google Play application is accessible on Samsung’s TV application store – on the off chance that it is, you would have the option to download and install it. In the event that you don’t see in Samsung TV’s application store, then it isn’t accessible. However, ensure you have installed the latest Samsung TV firmware update, for good measure.

Indeed Sir,on your Samsung Smart T.V.. do this! Open Smart Hub and explore to the Apps. Select Samsung Apps. Next select Google Play Movies and press Enter. Press Enter again to start down stacking the App.


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