In this article I will explain you how to install google play services in emulator. This short article shows the means how to install Google Play Services on Android Studio emulators. The depiction is for API Level 23, however it might work with different levels.

As of late I was testing some Google Play Store related usefulness in various emulators and I understood that introducing Google Play in certain emulators is a piece precarious.
It is not difficult to install Google Play Store for API 24 or more as we can straightforwardly choose an emulator that has Google Play from the AVD administrator.

For emulators using API 23 and underneath it turns into a piece interesting as we can’t straightforwardly install an emulator from Android Studio that has Google Play installed. In this blog entry, we will perceive how we can install Google Play in those emulators.

These are the four organizers that we expect to install Google Play. Every one of these envelopes has one APK in them. In view of the designs of your emulator you might require every one of them. We can actually look at that at this moment. We should enter the adb shell and check for the favored applications directory using the following to install google play services in emulator

How to Install Google Play Services in Emulator

Is an outsider Android emulator that is lightning quick and can save you time while you’re doing your advancement work. As a little something extra, Install Google Play Services is free for non-business use.

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One issue with google play services in emulator is that none of the pre-prepared pictures include Google Play Services. As Google continues to increase the power and usefulness given by this shut source-nonofficial piece of the Android stack, not having Google Play Services accessible on my android emulator is a not kidding issue.

Luckily, it turns out adding the part is speedy and painless on Windows and Mac OS, because of an extremely smooth simplified installer incorporated into the most recent variant of google play services in emulator. The tutorial that follows will have your  emulator ready to go Google Play Services in no time.

Note: this tutorial expects you as of now have Genymotion and VirtualBox. Installed on your improvement machine. If not, you can find the documentation to do as such in the User’s Guide.

how to install google play services in emulator

How do I install Google Play Services on my emulator?

Fortunately insofar as your Android telephone isn’t antiquated, you ought to have the option to download and install Google Play Services in your Android telephone. After you de-pressurize the compress record, you want to open the Core organizer.

Why Google Play Services is not working?

seems while using the Google Play services application of the Android TV. Assuming that the blunder message Unfortunately, Google Play services has stopped. seems while using the Google Play™ services application of the Android™ TV, update the Google Play services application. Clear the information and store on the Google Play services application.

Google Play Services is an Android application that ensures the remainder of your applications are modern. It does this by continually checking that all installed applications have the most recent accessible renditions.


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