Increase Xbox Series S Storage acquaint significant changes with system storage, embracing custom solid-state drives (SSDs) in the engine. Microsoft has positioned this high velocity storage as key to cutting edge gaming, conveying shorter burden times with support for complex game worlds. This SSD necessity guarantees the best from the latest Xbox consoles however can make storage expansions somewhat more convoluted. You presently have a couple of options while expanding your Xbox Series X and Series S versus Xbox One. And as a consequence, it’s essential to understand which works best for you.

While the Series S does pack a generally standard NVMe SSD inside. Eliminating and supplanting it would take a specific measure of expertise. So for those who just need to redesign their console’s storage without dismantling it. Your best choice is purchasing an authority expansion card courtesy of Seagate, as per Windows Central.

Microsoft cooperated with the storage drive creator to make 2TB and 512GB expansion cards for both the Series X and Series S consoles. Furthermore, according to the authority Xbox website, the expansion card easily slots into the Storage Expansion ports behind the consoles.

how to increase xbox series s storage

How to Increase Xbox Series S Storage

Another age of gaming has shown up, however thanks to Microsoft’s decision to make the Create Account on Elden Ring Xbox Series X and S part of the same ecosystem as Xbox One, they are viable with the same accessories.

There are some caveats, especially with the cutting edge machines, however to store 10s (even hundreds) of Xbox One or potentially in reverse viable games on your new or old console without having to redownload them each time, you can do as such on a USB 3.0 drive (or above).

Just like Windows takes up space on a PC’s inward drive, so does the working system that powers Microsoft’s consoles. Specifically, a component called Quick Resume needs a ton of drive space. It allows your Xbox to save the state of a game so you can resume any place you left off. It eats up a fair piece of space because it requires your Xbox to save a snapshot of anything you’re playing from RAM to the inside SSD for recovery later.

On the off chance that you’ve yet to purchase another Xbox. You should factor in the discrepancies in accessible space into your purchasing decision. While the Series X is $200 more expensive, the authority SSD expansion card costs $219. It could seem OK to endure the greater shot to your wallet on the Series X, since you’ll get two times the space and a significantly more impressive console.

how to increase xbox series s storage

Can you add more storage to Xbox One S?

Steps. Purchase an outside hard drive. Your Xbox One will possibly perceive your outside drive in the event that it’s bigger than 256GB and supports USB 3.0. There are two USB 3.0 ports accessible, so you could purchase two separate hard drives assuming you need to, however they each must be 256GB or bigger.

Past the inner SSD included with Xbox Series X and Series S, the authority Xbox Storage Expansion Card is the main seamless update. While USB hard drives turn out great, they just store those games, and you should transfer them to the SSD to play.

Will any external SSD work with Xbox Series S?

While Xbox Series X and Series S support countless USB devices, just the Seagate Storage Expansion Card provides a genuine inner storage extension. It comes without any limitations, reflecting the base console all around. On the off chance that you can manage the cost of the superior, there could be no more excellent SSD than this.


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