How to Remove GPU

While eliminating a How To Remove Graphics Card is a basic cycle, it is essential to be cautious at whatever point working with your PC to stay away from any harm. Here is a bit by bit manual for show you how to remove a designs card appropriately.

There are an assortment of justifications for why you would need to remove a GPU from your present PC arrangement. Perhaps you would need to move up to a superior GPU Support Bracket to Prevent GPU Sag, possibly the GPU is flawed and you would need to transform it with another one.

Maybe you would need to clean your GPU on the grounds that it has been introduced for a serious long time, or possibly you would need to minimize since you needn’t bother with all that power presently introduced in your PC and would need to bring down your electrical bills and make a touch of additional money by selling the better GPU.

Eliminating a designs card sounds simple enough on a superficial level, however is it truly? Indeed, the appropriate response is yes: assuming you do it accurately! How to Remove Graphics Card to understand the situation and you could confront a lot of new and costly issues, and eliminating an illustrations card will be not really important.

Remove a Graphics Card From PC

How to Remove GPU

1. Remove Existing GPU Drivers with Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU)

Assuming you are possibly cleaning your GPU or then again assuming that you are supplanting your GPU with a GPU that is like your ebb and flow one, you can totally skirt this progression as you will utilize similar drivers as in the past.

Before we begin doing anything physical to our PC and yanking out the GPU, we would initially need to set up our PC (programming shrewd) to get another GPU. Show Driver Uninstaller How To Remove Graphics Card is a program that uninstalls any past GPU drivers that could be found in your PC.

This program guarantees that the establishment of another GPU driver passes by flawlessly as any leftovers of the old GPU driver might actually cause mistakes with your new GPU or when introducing the drivers for your new GPU. This is particularly evident assuming you are bouncing from one brand of GPU to an alternate one or then again assuming that you are overhauling or minimizing your present GPU with one that traverses a few years.

To download DDU, simply head on over to Guru3D for the download connect. The actual site additionally has guidelines on how to utilize the program, and on the off chance that you somehow miss those directions, the actual program has directions too. So adhere to those guidelines and you will make some easy memories exchanging drivers and your PC will thank you for it.

2. Close Down Your PC

Since your PC is running on its working framework’s own special showcase drivers. How To Remove Graphics Card is basically clear of any old outsider GPU drivers later the obligatory reboot from the DDU program. You may now close your PC down to officially begin the teardown cycle of this aide.

How to Remove GPU

3. Turn off Your PC’s Wires and Prep Your Workstation

Presently the time has come to get somewhat physical. Since your PC is wound down. You may now separate your PC’s wires from their attachments and continue to prepare your PC for its teardown. Bring your PC over to a clean and mess free region like your own workbench. A table large enough to oblige the PC tower.

You may likewise set your functioning station on the floor, yet this is provided. That you have definitely no other region to chip away at. Simply ensure that your floor is perfect and residue free and has a mat that could go about as a workspace. It is consistently prudent to have your instruments and materials coordinated. So you don’t wind up losing anything crucial for your PC. Like its screws for the case or the lodging of the How to Remove GPU.

4. Make sure to Ground Yourself Before Starting Work

This progression is even more a steady update as opposed to a particular advance. Yet at whatever point you take care of business on the innards of your PC you would need to ground yourself. To try not to short any part out as a result of static development. That normally happens to you when you drag anything across the floor or table.

To ground yourself, Geforce GT 730 Drivers for windows 10 and essentially contact any metal article on your PC case for the static to release onto that. The best thing to contact is the situation of your power supply. You can likewise contact your PC’s case.

Continuously make it your best practice to ground yourself prior to contacting anything inside your PC. As it can save you a great deal of migraines over the long haul. Assuming you imagine that you may neglect doing this progression every. This guarantees that you are constantly grounded. That your body doesn’t create any friction based electricity.

5. Remove Your PC’s Side Panel

Since you are prepared, you may now start to teardown your How to Remove GPU, beginning with your PC’s side board. Basically fix the screws holding the side board onto. The case and painstakingly put it down to the side to have the PC open.

Contingent upon your case, it might just hold back thumb screws which are effectively relaxed with your hands. It might contain a genuine screw for which you might require a screwdriver.


While eliminating a GPU may appear to be a straightforward assignment. There is a great deal of arrangement associated with request to do it as securely and as easily as could be expected. Continuously consider these means as best practice so you abstain from breaking your How to Remove GPU. Anything in your PC and don’t end up with a greater bill than anticipated.


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