Samsung Washer Equipped with a self-diagnosis system. It monitors the operation of sensors and assemblies, detects faults and reports them using letters or numbers on the display. For example, error code UR on a Samsung washing machine means that the load along the axis of the drum is not balanced. Simply put, the drum is loose and not reaching the required speed.

Not all Samsung washing machines have UR ​​error codes. UE may appear in place of E4 on recent models and older washers (manufactured before 2007). Errors occur during cleaning and rinsing, often when technicians switch to the spin program.

It starts first and stops when the required speed is reached. If for some reason there is an imbalance, the washing machine will stop working after several attempts to increase the speed of the drum. In this case, a UR error will be shown on the electronic display. Using letter designations, technicians are notified of malfunctions that can damage tanks, assemblies, or suspension springs. To prevent this, find the source of the problem.

A UR error code means that the washing machine is detecting an uneven load of laundry. Some Samsung washing machines may display a UE error code instead. The most common cause of failure is a large, heavy object, such as a large towel or bath mat, falling to one side of the washer or becoming entangled in the agitator. Other possible causes of the problem are uneven surfaces or drive belt issues.

how to fix your code on samsung washer

Fixing your Code on Samsung Washer

Samsung’s washers and dryers have evolved over time, Code C1241 from one of the first front-loading washers with electronic control boards to the Premium Care series with LCD displays. These models work better than ever, with sensors that can detect problems and fix them right away.

Most of the most popular products have features that people want. Samsung washing machines come standard with automatic self-diagnostics that detect machine problems before they become serious problems.

Remove shipping materials

If you notice vibrations while using your washing machine, look for a shipping lock that usually has the words “FRAGILE” or “HANDLE WITH CARE” printed on the package.

These bolts were used to secure the unit to the pallet during shipping. Otherwise, it can rattle in the drum when the washing machine is full. If you find it, remove it before drying your laundry.

Balance or reduce load

The Ur error code on Samsung washing machines can indicate an unbalanced load. That is, too much or too little clothing in the machine. The solution is to distribute the weight more evenly across the load. Be careful not to overload the load, as overloading can also cause machine failure. level the washing machine

If your Samsung washing machine rocks during the spin cycle, make sure it is level. The first step is to bring all four legs into firm contact with the floor. If you are using a carpeted surface, you may lose your balance.

If your Samsung washer is still shaking after making sure it is level, make sure all the legs are firmly secured.

Defective shock absorber

One of the main reasons why your washing machine shakes or vibrates and displays the Samsung washing machine error code is a faulty shock absorber. Washing machines usually have 2-4 shock absorbers to help reduce the amount of movement that is transmitted to the rest of the washing machine. A shock absorber allows the drum to rotate and move without impacting the rest of the washing machine.

how to fix your code on samsung washer

Why is my washer stuck on the wash cycle?

The water inlet valve is responsible for supplying water to the washing machine. Code C0040 A clogged water valve is a common problem that causes the washing machine to stall during the wash cycle. To fix this problem, the water valve must be cleaned and the cycle restarted.

If the detection does not progress, it may be a faulty water valve, shift actuator, drive motor, or main control board. A fault in any of these parts can cause the washing machine to get stuck beyond detection levels.

To remove the code, press the Pause or Cancel button twice and press the Power button once. If the code still appears, unplug your washing machine or unplug it for 1 minute. An object was detected in the washing machine during the clean washer program. Remove items from drum and restart clean washer cycle.

What does E01 and F09 mean on a washing machine?

Accepted answer. Error code E01 F09 on your Whirlpool Duet washing machine means a long expiration date. When the Whirlpool washer is in drain mode and drain time exceeds 8 minutes and the pressure sensor reset level is not reached, the drain valve closes and the drain pump stops draining water.

Sometimes the F9 trouble code is the result of an electrical fault that has magnetized the circuit. Resetting the oven by removing power for 5 minutes will degauss the circuit and clear the F9 error.


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