Xbox 360 Controller Joystick simply lying around gathering dust since you broke the simple joystick? Well on the off chance that your response is indeed, fortune has smiled on you. This Instructable will show you how to supplant a wrecked simple joystick on a XBOX 360 controller while simultaneously saving you the expense of another controller. If it’s not too much trouble, know however, that by “simple joystick” I’m alluding to the genuine joystick gathering, NOT the thumbstick. Assuming you broke the thumbstick however, this Instructable might in any case be of a utilization to you.

To break the joystick really requires a lot of power/rage. I broke mine a while prior by pummeling the controller face first into the floor, and afterward continuing to stomp it a couple of times. For what reason did I do this? All things considered, for anybody who has endeavored to get the “Mile High Club” accomplishment in Call of Duty 4 most likely knows what I’m talking about. After multiple times of practically finishing it, dissatisfaction might result. The unexpected part is, after I purchased another controller, I beat in 2 attempts. No matter.

how to fix xbox 360 controller joystick

How to fix Xbox 360 Controller Joystick

The Xbox 360 computer game framework accompanies two kinds of controllers: a wired controller and Change Language in Xbox Game Pass a remote controller. The remote controller automatically charges its batteries while you’re playing the game so you can utilize it remotely, while the wired controller should be connected to utilize. Numerous clients who have issues need to understand how they might fix the simple stick on a Xbox 360 controller.

Eliminate the battery case from the rear of the controller by pressing the button down and sliding no longer associated with this issue. Eliminate the six screws on the rear of the controller with a T9 screwdriver. This is the main screwdriver that works for the size and situating of the screws.

Lift off the rear of the controller. Find the simple stick that you want to fix. A few normal issues incorporate a messed up simple stick, a free stick or one that sticks. Eliminate the simple stick by pulling up on it. Put your fingers on one or the other side of the level part and pull hard.

how to fix xbox 360 controller joystick

How can I clean my Xbox controller?

For Xbox control center and headsets, utilize an isopropyl liquor (IPA) arrangement or prep cushion that is 70% or less with a delicate, build up free fabric. For Xbox controllers, we’ve tried the wellbeing of utilizing the accompanying isopropyl liquor (IPA) arrangement and sanitizer wipes.

Broken down springs: Each thumbstick sensor part has two springs that assist with snapping it back to the middle at whatever point you eliminate your thumb. At the point when one or the two springs break down, you’ll see float. Supplanting the springs fixes that issue.

How do you clean a controller stick?

You ought to continuously utilize water or scouring liquor to clean your controllers. Most gamepads have a decent grippy finish on them, and unforgiving cleaners, similar to fade, could demolish the look and feel of the plastic. It’s likewise smart to stay away from compacted air, as the power of the air can harm parts inside the controller.


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