how to fix opengl error 1282

Minecraft is only a spam message that can be easily fixed by turning off a component in the game’s menu. By the by, this issue can likewise bring about the screen going totally dark. There are a few different solutions that can fix the OpenGL error 1282 (Invalid operation) issues, and this Minecraft guide will list every one of them.

OpenGL Error 1282 is an extremely normal OpenGL error that shows up in Minecraft and numerous other OpenGL games. This post structure MiniTool Partition Wizard shows you how to fix Minecraft OpenGL Error 1282 (Invalid option) effectively.

This might appear to be an intense bug, however don’t be frightened, as it can be quite simple to fix once you figure out the thing you’re dealing with. There can be a few justifications for why you’re experiencing this error in Minecraft. You need to figure out the specific underlying driver of this issue and how you might address it.

how to fix opengl error 1282

Fixing Opengl Error 1282

Turn Off Show GL Errors Notification

Sometimes, the OpenGL error 1282 (Invalid operation) notifications will continue to show up, however you can play the game fine and dandy. At the point when that occurs, simply turn off the Show GL Errors option:

  • Fire up Minecraft.
  • Open the Options menu in the main menu.
  • Select Video Settings.
  • Select the Others menu.
  • Search for the Show GL Errors option and turn it off.
  • Pick Done.

Temporarily Disable Advanced OpenGL in Minecraft

OpenGL API is utilized for rendering 2D and 3D vector graphics and can assist with giving you the best gaming visual execution, however it might conflict with specific drivers and cause errors. Take a stab at disabling the Advanced OpenGL component to check whether it fixes any issue you experience:

  • Fire up Minecraft.
  • Open the Options menu in the main menu.
  • Select Video Settings.
  • Search for the Advanced OpenGL option and turn it off.
  • Pick Done.

Disable Mods and Shaders

While using mods and shaders can improve your gaming experiences, however having them is additionally bound to open you to issues since mods change and adjust the original game files — that is the reason they’re called modifications in the first spot, all things considered.

Update Java

For individuals playing Minecraft: Java Edition, it’s crucial to keep Java on your PC state-of-the-art. Simply visit the official Java site and download the most recent version.

Update Your Graphic Card Driver

Your GPU and OpenGL run in tandem in request to help Minecraft. And the OpenGL firmware is automatically updated when you update your graphics drivers. With that in mind, updating your GPU driver might fix OpenGL error 1282 in Minecraft.

If you use Nvidia cards, you can install the most recent drivers by downloading them through the GeForce Experience application or the Nvidia site. Meanwhile, AMD clients would need to download their drivers from You can likewise physically update your driver by:

  • Open the Windows Start menu.
  • Look for Device Director.
  • Look for Display connectors.
  • Right-click on your GPU’s name.
  • Select Update driver.
  • Wait until it finishes, then, at that point, restart your PC.

Reinstall Minecraft

Tragically, if nothing works, your last alternative is to reinstall Minecraft to ensure the game files themselves are not debased. Prior to uninstalling however, you ought to continuously make a reinforcement of your recoveries and other important files like screen captures, asset packs, and mods first. Simply open your Minecraft organizer and duplicate the important envelopes, and supplant them after you have finished the reinstallation cycle.

how to fix opengl error 1282

How to fix OpenGL error 1282 with Optifine?

Update OptiFine. An obsolete version of Optifine can cause errors, especially if you’re using different mods. If the OpenGL Error 1282 error on your PC is brought about by the obsolete Optifine, you can have a go at keeping your Optifine Mod cutting-edge to fix it.

So the first fix to the OpenGL Error 1282 bug will be to download a specific DLL file named opengl32. dll. You need to download this file and glue it into your Minecraft envelope. This will likely fix your issue.

How do I update Minecraft OpenGL?

One of the first things you can do to fix the OpenGL error is by updating the graphics drivers of a device. If you are on a Windows device, look for ‘Device Supervisor’ and open the display connectors list. Select the installed driver and click on ‘Update Driver.

if your visit is overflowed with OpenGL errors, then they should be disabled via OptiFine settings. Go to “MC Options” > “Video Settings” > “Other”, and disable the option “Show GL Errors”.


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