How to Fix Opengl 2.0 Error in Angry Birds

Opengl 2.0 Error in Angry Birds After I flew off the handle Birds for the PC as a free download, I installed it on a few PCs. The greater part of them moved along as expected. All things considered, this was a game designed with mobile devices in mind. The requirement was not so demanding. It even ran well on a 6 year-old laptop.

You have played Angry Birds in your mobile, presently you need to play the game in PC. So you have downloaded the PC version of the game and installed it. Despite the fact that installation is effective you might get some OpenGL or DirectX errors. So here is a working fix for every one of the errors.

You might get at least one of the following errors while running Angry Birds in your PC.

  • OpenGL 2.0 renderer not supported!
  • OpenGL 1.4 renderer not supported!
  • DirectX 11 renderer not supported!

Angry Birds is one of the most incredible cherished kid game for mobile and tablets with a famous series . Might be this would have made the designers to make it for pc. Trust you are one of the angry bird love

Open GL 2.0 render not help is a typical video card error, so if you are facing any error similar to this then here is a tricky solution to dispose of the error message.

How to Fix Opengl 2.0 Error in Angry Birds

Fixing Opengl 2.0 Error in Angry Birds

Updating DirectX

Directx is a collection of application programming interfacing [API] , which help to deal with the errand connected with multimedia , say here games… So it is important here to stay up with the latest..

  • Go to begin >> Run >> dxdiag
  • Presently take a look at the ongoing version of direct x

Directx 11 is the most recent version , if your using the most recent version of directx move to strategy 2 , else download and install directx from the microsoft website.

Updating display drives

  • Right click My PC >> Oversee >> Device Chief
  • Presently grow the “Display connector” and right endlessly click update drives.
  • Click “Search automatically for refreshed software online “
  • If it finds any update, pass on to finish update process.

The over two techniques will address the open GL render error for windows xp ,windows 7 users and windows 8 users continue on toward strategy 3

Solution of windows 8 users

Tragically angry birds are not supported in windows 8, as it has inbuilt most recent version of video drives.

Yet, don’t stress here is little trick as i have previously posted , installing the old version of display drives to windows 8, so look at how to install those drives in to windows 8… When the old version is installed ,you can play your favorite game in your pc.

How to Fix Opengl 2.0 Error in Angry Birds

How do I fix OpenGL 2.0 renderer not supported?

Check the graphics card type (Windows): Click Start, type dxdiag, and press Enter to get to a diagnostic tool listing the graphics card information.

Install the OpenGL Extensions Viewer to determine the OpenGL version (Windows, Macintosh)

From OpenGL Wiki. If the boundaries of a function call do not match the arrangement of boundaries permitted by OpenGL, or do not interact sensibly with express that is now set in the unique situation, then, at that point, an OpenGL Error will result. The errors are introduced as an error code.

Can I download OpenGL?

Downloading OpenGL. In each of the three significant desktop stages (Linux, macOS, and Windows), OpenGL pretty much accompanies the framework. However, you will have to guarantee that you have downloaded and installed a new driver for your graphics equipment.

Indeed, it will. GPU might speed up the exhibition, yet there is not an obvious explanation for why it shouldn’t work without a GPU.


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