LF Code On Whirlpool Washer is a water fill blunder, it represents Long Fill. It implies that the primary control has not gotten a sign back from the water pressure sensor which implies that water isn’t filling the tub or not filling the tub quickly enough. The control will close down the cycle and report the LF blunder.

Much of the time the LF (Long Fill) Mistake is brought about by either low water pressure. Stopped up screens on either the water supply lines or the water channel valve. On the off chance that the screens are spotless and not causing any sort of blockage then the water bay valve should be supplanted. At times this can be brought about by a terrible principal control yet the causes above are substantially more common.

At the point when “LF” is shown, there could be an issue with the water streaming into the machine. Check the water bay hoses to be certain they are not stopped up or crimped. You may likewise have to check the screens on the washer water delta valve. This implies stopping the water supply, and disconnecting the water delta hoses from the washer. Once the hoses are disconnected, you might need to scratch the silt from the screens utilizing a blade or sharp item.

how to fix lf code on whirlpool washer

Fixing LF Code On Whirlpool Washer

The LF error represents Long Fill or Low Stream (not precisely certain which but rather either applies) what I can be sure of is that the washer stops until you hit the beginning button again which is disappointing. REF Code S0900 Charter From what I have gathered it tosses the LF error after not distinguishing an adjustment of water level over a time of 10 minutes or something like that.


  • Review the WATER SUPPLY VALVES on the wall to be certain the VALVES ARE Completely OPEN and water is provided to the washer. (Be certain HOT and COLD water valves are open and providing water)
  • The WATER SUPPLY HOSES Might BE Obstructed from hard water – Eliminate water hoses and check for stops up.
  • Make sure that the water supply hoses don’t get wrinkled when you slide the washer once again into the right spot. (A wrinkled or twisted washer water supply hose will forestall or cause halfway water entering washer)

Water supply hoses connected close to the wall and washer water bay valve have WATER Delta Cross section Channels. These channels sift through unfamiliar items in the water and may have residue development. On the off chance that silt is obstructing the channels, they should be cleaned.


  • Check the Channel Framework FOR SIPHONING issue. (Channel hose might be positioned mistakenly, therefore making a water siphoning issue)
  • Assuming in chilly climate, check WATER SUPPLY HOSES FOR FREEZING.
  • Check the Fundamental WATER SUPPLY to your home to be certain it is Completely OPEN.

This LF error code clearing technique will work with Whirlpool and most Maytag and Kenmore clothes washers. A similar LF error code happens on both top and front burden washers. A portion of the components in the washers might contrast somewhat however the error code clearing strategy is something very similar.

how to fix lf code on whirlpool washer

How do I reset my Whirlpool auto load sensing washer?

Regularly, to reset a PC that doesn’t return neatly after a blackout, you switch it off, and betray. Code 39 Keyboard Bombing that, you turn off it and attachment it back in.

Since it is inconvenient to haul your washer out and turn off it, I would go to the electrical switch board, switch it off, stand by 30 seconds or somewhere in the vicinity, and walk out on. The 30 seconds probably won’t help, however it can’t do any harm.

Note that I said a PC, and you got some information about a washer. The only reason you would have to “reset” a washer is in the event that the PC inside it is confused. Basically all new significant machines have PCs in them these days.

I have had a LG front-loader now for more than 5 years and extremely dazzled with it. I accept my past, tub/top washer, consumed 16+ gallons two times for each heap while the Front loader could utilize 2 gallons, two times for each heap.

Attempt a little demonstration: Fill a plastic tub with water, 3 gallons or something like that. Place three dry towels in it and stir them with your hands, no wringing, no crushing. Simply stir as you mirror a top washer.

Presently vacant the tub and add water, to douse three towels to trickling wet. Utilize only as much water as they will hold. At the point when you lift them, there ought to be almost no left in the tub except for the towels will drench wet and trickling. It might take only as much as a fractional quart or thereabouts. Presently crush and wring the towels in a washing action. There will be a lot of water.

How do you reset a Whirlpool washing machine?

The most run of the mill cause is metal articles maneuvering toward the siphon and sticking it. However, in the event that it doesn’t have standing water you want to eliminate the virus water hose AT the washer, and take a gander at the WASHER side where the hose connects. Assuming there is dregs in the screen concealed IN the valve, that is your issue. (Calls for water, thinks it has lost pressure sensor, channels to forestall flooding, all because stopped up screen)

Clearing the siphon is normally simpler with a philips screwdriver. Know water might come and go along with you for some personal time while you are under it.

Upon clearing the siphon and repowering, Whirlpools have been truly adept at getting back to standby.

Assuming your washer stays dead, it is the ideal opportunity for specialized help.

Pivot the handle counter clockwise beyond 12 o clock a couple of snaps. Then pivot clockwise 3 ticks, counterclockwise 1 snap, and clockwise 1.

Assuming every one of the lights begin blazing, congratulations you made it into the managerial mode. Blazing lights implies your board is as yet tolerating orders, and you might have the option to fix it for under an excessively high price.


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