HL Code on Hot Tub Kindly Don’t utilize an extension link, as this can be a fire risk and can cause issues with your hot tub. We suggest utilizing an outside mains attachment that is weatherproofed and professionally fitted. Assuming you are utilizing an inward mains attachment, guarantee that the power link isn’t going through any windows or entryways.

A HL blunder for the most part implies there is a blockage, keeping water from circling around the siphon and warming framework. The blockage can be brought about by a messy/old channel, an impeded impeller or limescale develop, particularly in the event that you live in a space with hard water. This can cause a falsely high temperature perusing to be shown on the control board.

Hot tub blunder codes could be down to a straightforward reason that you can check and perhaps effectively fix yourself. In any case, call us. 360 Hot Tubs give fixes and adjusting all through Southampton, Portsmouth, Guildford, Bournemouth, Hampshire and Dorset.

Recall that water and power are a very risky combination. HL Code on Hot Tub Utilize the aide underneath in spite of copious advice to the contrary. For your own genuine serenity, reach out to our hot tub subject matter experts.

Most hot tubs topside controls have screens and blunder codes to assist with recognizing issues with your spa. As there are a wide range of brands of hot tub running gear there are various blunder codes that can show up on your spas topside show. The most common being Balboa and Gecko. A few hot tubs likewise utilize an assortment of blazing lights or specks as blunder messages.

how to fix hl code on hot tub

Fixing HL Code on Hot Tub

On the off chance that you’re definitely disapproving of your hot tub warmer, Error Code Xbox 360 it very well might be connected with as far as possible switch (otherwise called as far as possible thermometer). Certain conditions can make the switch trip more than it ought to.

Frequently, you can investigate issues with as far as possible switch and address them on your own. However, on the grounds that this is a situation that includes power so near water, never endeavor fixes except if you comprehend your hot tub and its electrical framework well overall.

In the event that any of the accompanying issues are repeating, and your fixes are transitory, best case scenario, contact a professional for help. The longer you let the issues go on, the more noteworthy the potential for harm to your hot tub and its components.

High Cutoff Switch

As far as possible switch is a security include that holds hot tubs back from overheating. Assuming it detects that the spa water has arrived at 110 or 120 degrees. The switch trips and your radiator (and frequently the siphon, too) switches off.

Your high cutoff switch estimates the water temperature by either a slim tube connected to a bulb or a mounted sensor. On the off chance that the switch distinguishes perilous temperatures. It opens to break the circuit and keep the warmer from in a real sense breaking down.

Causes High Breaking point Switch Stumbling

The principal thing to consider is the water in your hot tub. What could make it arrive at temps of 120 degrees? By and large, new tubs won’t permit you to set the modified temperature that high. So something different is possible going on.

In the event that the air outside the tub is adequately hot. It tends to be hard for the spa water to chill off. Have a go at adding some cool water (as per documenting and treatment instructions) or moving the spa cover to let hot air out.

Adding extremely hot or it isn’t prescribed to bubble water. Zip Code in Mail Merge Regardless of whether you need to expand the temperature quicker. Never add water to the spa in manners that not the same as the producer’s filling instructions.

how to fix hl code on hot tub

What temperature should I keep my hot tub when not in use?

When in doubt, a hot tub ought to be set somewhere in the range of 98 and 104 degrees Farenheit regardless of whether not being used. For vacations enduring somewhere in the range of 2 and a month and a half, bring down the temperature by 5 degrees. Beyond about a month and a half, consider shutting down and depleting.

HFL or HL This code could imply the unit has a stream issue. Check the level of the water in hot tub unit and top off levels if necessary. Ensure the siphon has been prepared assuming you see that the water levels are satisfactory.

How do I reset the high limit switch on my hot tub?

The hot tub high cutoff switch is now and again set off while you’re topping off your hot tub and can be reset by squeezing the enormous red button on your spa pack. In the event that you really want to investigate different issues with your high breaking point switch, Watch out.

A HL mistake ordinarily implies there is a blockage, keeping water from circling around the siphon and warming framework.


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