HL Code on Cleverspa as this can be a fire risk and can cause issues with your hot tub. We suggest utilizing an outer mains attachment that is weatherproofed and professionally fitted. Assuming you are utilizing an interior mains attachment, guarantee that the power link isn’t going through any windows or entryways.

FC, SL, HL and SH are the four mistake codes that might be shown on your CleverSpa control board. The underneath table makes sense of the reason for every one of these mistake codes and the most ideal way to determine the issue.

Reset the hot tub by squeezing the ‘Off/Test’ button on the RCD plug. a. Stand by 10 seconds then, at that point, proceed/’Reset’ to walk out on once more.

Once in a while likewise called a hot tub high cutoff sensor or basically a high breaking point sensor, this is a wellbeing highlight incorporated into all hot tubs that keeps them from overheating. It holds the temperature back from surpassing 120°F (49°C) as a rule.

how to fix hl code on cleverspa

Fixing HL Code on Cleverspa

A high breaking point change will hold stumbling because of a filthy fire sensor, short cycling, deterred wind current, or a faulty switch. F90 Code on Frigidaire Oven These lead to overheating inside the gas heater that triggers stumbling as a security measure to forestall fires. Clean and supplant grimy and broken down parts to fix the issue.

In the event that your spa warmer won’t intensity, eliminate and clean the filter(s) to preclude a strain or stream rate issue in your hot tub radiator. Low water level, an obstructed siphon impeller, shut valves, stopped up pipes, or hindered spa channel covers can likewise cause stream issues.

Gracious = Overheat 108° F, spa is deactivated. Try not to enter the water. FL = Stream. Pressure switch isn’t working. SN = Non functional high temperature sensor.


FC When the filtration framework has worked for approx. 168 hours, FC (Channel Change) will show up on the presentation screen of your CleverSpa joined by an advance notice tone. The red light will in any case be lit on the ‘Channel’ button, however the siphon won’t be operational. The warming framework will likewise not work, and the red light will be out on the ‘Radiator’ button.


You ought to really take a look at the channel and change it if vital. Once you have done this, you want to press the ‘Channel’ button once more. The ‘FC’ blunder code will vanish, and the admonition tone will stop. The water temperature will be shown, and all functions will get back to business as usual.

how to fix hl code on cleverspa

How often should you descale a hot tub?

That is the reason from time to time, as a rule around each 4 a month and a half, we suggest running a descaler through your water. Code C1201 We utilize our No Scale, which works perfectly at eliminating any limescale develop. Kindly know that you should have a perfect channel before your descale your hot tub.

Assuming you really want to investigate different issues with your high cutoff switch, Watch out.

At the point when “HL” blunder message shows, it implies the framework shut the radiator down since temps at the warmer came to 119ºF (48ºC). At the point when “HL” blunder message is blazing, it implies the framework shut down on the grounds that the water temps in the spa came to 112ºF (44ºC).

What causes high limit switch on hot tub?

As far as possible switch is a security include that holds hot tubs back from overheating. Assuming it detects that the spa water has arrived at 110 or 120 degrees, the switch trips and your radiator (and frequently the siphon, too) switches off.

Indeed. You ought to leave an inflatable hot tub on all the time except if you plan to not utilize it at least 3 weeks and will deplete it and pack it away. Leaving it off yet brimming with water could prompt microorganisms develop. Furthermore, it takes more energy to warm the water than it does to just keep up with it at a set temperature.

HL. The framework has closed the warmer down in light of the fact that the temperature at the radiator has reached 119ºF (48ºC). Try not to enter the water! Eliminate the spa cover and permit the water to chill off. Then the shut power off and drive your spa up again to reset the framework.


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