GM Code P0446, otherwise known as Evaporative Emission Control Framework (EVAP) Vent Control Circuit Malfunction, indicates that your car’s PC has distinguished (or accepts it has identified) an issue with the function of the EVAP framework vent valve.

Your car’s PC controls the vent valve (it also controls the cleanse valve). Additionally, the PC monitors the valve and its control circuit for issues. Code P0446 in some cases indicates that an electrical failure has been recognized in either the vent valve itself or its control circuit.

While the P0446 can indicate an electrical issue on later model Fords. Which, oddly enough decides to take a gander at the vent valve electrical circuit to set this code. The P0446 code is profoundly probably not going to be an electrical concern on other makes. GMs and more seasoned Fords would set this code when the canister wouldn’t vent after the EVAP test. And in those cases. This code is far bound to be set off by mechanical stopping up.

The code P0446 is set when the motor PC perceives a fault. Or restriction at the vent control part of the Evaporative emission control framework (EVAP). The description of the fault varies between various car manufacturers. Yet one thing is common, the code P0446 doesn’t straightforwardly highlight a damaged part. Some testing may be expected to pinpoint the faulty component.

how to fix gm code p0446

Fixing GM Code P0446

Inconvenience code P0446 typically turns up in On-Board Diagnostic testing on account of an illuminated Check Motor Malfunction Indicator Lamp. QR Code Axie Infinity This conventional OBD-II code indicates that the evaporative vent valve in the emission control framework is malfunctioning. At the point when this happens, the EVAP framework may not be capable of compressing and maintaining a vacuum seal. Figure out more about the most probable OBD-II scanner blunder code P0446 issue and related repairs.

Cause the code P0446:

– faulty vent control valve
– blockage at the vent hose, vent channel or vent control valve
– open or short in the vent control valve circuit
– bad charcoal canister
– EVAP framework leak
– faulty EVAP framework pressure sensor
bad vacuum exchanging valve (VSV) (Toyota, Lexus)
– stuck open cleanse valve (solenoid)


A GM technical help notice for 1999-2007 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra depicts an issue when on the off chance that the vehicle is driven in dusty environment, the residue can go into the canister vent hose and cause confined air stream that can set the code P0446. The release suggests checking the vent valve assembly and if necessary, replacing with an updated part.

A Nissan technical help notice (TSB) for late 90’s Maxima, Sentra and Pathfinder mentions a faulty EVAP framework pressure sensor that can cause the difficulty code P0446 and some other EVAP framework codes.

In many Toyota vehicles including Camry, Corolla, Avalon, RAV4, Tacoma, Tercel, as well as Lexus RX 300, ES 300, SC 400, LS 400 and LX 450 with the code P0446, the repair frequently includes replacing the EVAP vacuum exchanging valve (VSV) and charcoal canister as an assembly. In addition, all the elaborate vacuum hoses should be cleaned or replaced.

how to fix gm code p0446

Will a P0446 code clear itself?

Assuming Code P0446 is the only code present, check your gas cap to check whether it’s open or free. Fix your gas cap and the code may be cleared. After you fix Code P0131 the gas cap, the motor light may switch off after several drive cycles. It will be finished for the most part after a normal day drive.

Code P0446 means the car’s PC has distinguished an issue with the EVAP framework vent valve. The EVAP framework is primarily made out of the gas tank, gas cap, vent valve, cleanse valve, and charcoal canister.

P0446 will in general be returned by diagnostic testing when the control circuit for the evap vent valve isn’t achieving the seal that enables the EVAP framework in the vehicle to hold pressure. The evap vent valve in many makes and models relies upon a stockpile of a 12V battery voltage with key on.

What should I do if my check engine light appears?

A ton of auto parts shops in the US (the large national sort) will run a free OBD diagnostic for you and give a printout of the blunders which are being tossed.

Once you have the blunder codes you ought to raise a ruckus around town forums for your make/model and ask the senior forum individuals to recognize. General google search may help too.

It very well may be an exceptionally basic Do-It-Yourself fix, a bad sensor some place or a difficult issue. Whatever the case may be, you’re presently armed with information from the diagnostics test.

Side note: this could also hold you back from getting suckered by a shady mechanic.


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