FL Code On Hot Tub proposes that there’s an issue with the flow of water through your hot tub warmer. Probably the most common codes are FLO, FL1 or FL2 for flow or strain switches. The most common causes are a filthy or harmed channel, low water levels, air in the funneling framework or a broken siphon or sensor.

A flow mistake on your hot tub is an indication that there is an issue with your water flowing through your warmer in the hot tub. You can recognize a flow mistake as it will show “FLO” on the front board. A few common issues that can cause a flow blunder are:

  • Lower than ordinary water levels.
  • Harmed and additionally messy channel.
  • Air inside and through your pipework.
  • Defective sensor and additionally siphon – not working.

This is a security framework to ensure that the radiator doesn’t overheat. Which might actually wear out the warmer, or even a reason a fire under your spa.

On the off chance that the control framework imagines that there isn’t sufficient water flowing through the radiator to warm the spa securely, it will close down capacity to the radiator, and you’ll in all probability see a blunder message on the presentation screen. Various frameworks utilize various messages, yet a few common ones are FLO, FL, LF, dr, drY, PS, FL1, FL2 or Err1, contingent upon the model of the control framework introduced.

how to fix fl code on hot tub

Fixing FL Code On Hot Tub

A FL Code On Hot Tub flow switch is a system that goes about as a supportive wellbeing gadget to watch out for the flow of the water all through your hot tub.

Assuming water flow is interfered with, Code C1241 it will switch the radiator off to guarantee that it stays in ideal condition and harms no other encompassing gear.

Fix The Hot Tub Flow Mistake:

There are several solutions you can attempt to fix the FL Code On Hot Tub blunder yourself; in the event that these don’t determine the issue, it very well may be signs that you have a broken siphon not pushing water through, or a terrible strain flow switch not working accurately. In this situation, we suggest you look for professional assistance in the event that it can’t be settled subsequent to perusing the options. We offer hot tub and swim spa administrations as a one off treatment or a yearly arrangement – reach out to book your next help now.

Option 1: Raise The Hot Tub Water Level

Top your spa off to the right fill line in your skimmer crate on the off chance that it isn’t as of now there. Then, at that point, switch off the capacity to your spa and eliminate the channel. Stick around 15-20 minutes then walk out on, turning on the planes and checking whether it settle the flow blunder.

On the off chance that this clears the flow issue. You can turn off the spa, supplant the channel in those days switch back on. Assuming that the flow issue returns subsequent to supplanting the channel. You currently realize that you really want another channel to be supplanted.

Option 2: Check and Eliminate Sealed area in Warmer

First and foremost, guarantee that all planes are open on your spa. Then take a stab at running the planes without a channel in to check whether it settle the issue. In the event that this isn’t fruitful, you ought to turn the spa off at the isolator, then run a hose quiet down the skimmer bin in endeavor to break air pushed through to dispose of the airtight chamber.

how to fix fl code on hot tub

Whats LF mean on a hot tub?

LF = Persistent low flow problem. (Appears when the 24 hour “HFL” message occurs 5 times). B2799 Code The heater is off but other spa functions are working fine. dr = Water shortage detected in heater.

Most pool heaters have a bypass valve to divert water around the heater when it’s not needed. Bypass the heater by turning the valve lever clockwise until the flow sensor can be replaced.

“Popping” a pressure switch refers to placing a jumper wire between his two spade terminals or brass screws on the pressure switch. By connecting a wire between the two “in” and “out” terminals, you essentially bypass the switch itself.

How do I fix f1 error in Jacuzzi?

If the FL1 error goes away after removing the filter, you may need to clean or replace the filter. Clean the filter or buy a new filter. Return a clean or new filter to the spa.

For low flow spa error codes, check filters, pumps, and valves to see if anything is restricting water flow. Clogging can be caused by dirty filters, clogged impellers, blocked valves, plastic wrap around spa drains, and more. Low flows also mean low water levels.

Error code FL1, FLO, or the message ‘Open Flow Switch’ means the spa is not detecting proper water movement when the pump is running. In older spas, the upper display alternates between the current temperature and the message “FLO”.


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