Code U0140 is a nonexclusive demonstrative difficulty code (DTC) that means “Lost Correspondence With Body Control Module.” This code by and large implies that the BCM isn’t as expected sending or getting signals. A U0140 code can have a wide assortment of signs. It’s normally connected with part disappointment or wiring issues with the BCM.

However, this code may likewise be set off by difficulties with the information network itself. The organization fills in as a correspondence line that associates the BCM to the vehicle’s different modules. In the event that a short or electrical issue makes the organization become flawed. A code U0140 might show up on your scanner.

Your vehicle has a body control module (BCM) that gets data from various switches and sensors dissipated all through your vehicle. This part is accountable for various body capabilities. For example, the keyless section, reflect highlights, washers, and wipers. On the off chance that something turns out badly and the BCM can’t get or send data appropriately. It can set off inconvenience codes, like code U0140.

A U0140 code is a nonexclusive correspondence frameworks demonstrative difficulty code that alludes to the interchanges circuit between the With Body Control Module and other control modules on the vehicle.

how to fix code u0140

Fixing Code U0140


The BCM (Body Control Module) is an electronic control module that monitors the electrical framework. Fix Code P0495 It additionally deals with certain capabilities, for example, tire pressure monitor, vehicle alert, distant keyless section, reflect warmer, entryway locks, among others. The BCM likewise gets signals from the safety belt switch, start switch, voyage control switch, battery release security, and different switches.

At the point when the U0140 OBDII shortcoming code is set, it is on the grounds that the BCM isn’t getting or conveying a message. This module has not had the option to lay out correspondence with the ECM through the CAN transport.


Normal causes for this code include:

  • Broke down Body Control Module (BCM)
  • Body Control Module (BCM) circuit poor electrical association
  • Body Control Module (BCM) outfit is open or shorted


The symptoms of a U0140 code are:

  • Beginning the car is impractical.
  • Some BCM abilities are not open.
  • At high rates, the motor has incessant disappointments.
  • The speed increase is unusual.
  • The vehicle is tormented with consistent blowing of wires.


To analyze a U0140 DTC code, a specialist would:

  • Check the Body Control Module (BCM) with a Computerized Multi-Meter for indications of erosion or harmed pins
  • Check the wire saddle that goes from the Body Control Module to the vehicle’s PC.
  • Check the vehicle’s circuit board and supplant any blown wires with a matching number.
  • Check the instrument board group (IPC) for indications of consumption or consumed pins.
  • Really look at the vehicle’s battery to guarantee it has sufficient voltage and cold turning amps (CCA).
  • Interface a Sweep Tool to really look at all correspondence between parts.

Normal errors

Coming up next are probably the most widely recognized botches that a professional might make while diagnosing a U0140 code:

  • Not assessing the Body Control Module
  • While trying to check all wires from the BCM, a specialist may coincidentally detach a wire that is significant for vehicle’s presentation
  • Not checking every one of the circuits in the wire box
  • Not supplanting a blown breaker with a matching number
  • Failing to really look at the IPC for erosion
  • Not interfacing an Output Tool to analyze all vehicle parts
  • Not really looking at the vehicle’s battery voltage and CCA
  • Supplanting parts that are not flawed or erroneously

how to fix code u0140

Can BCM be repaired?

Do the lights or wipers never again work? Then, at that point, there might be issues with the Body Control Unit. BCM controls parts, for example, lights, windows, entryway locks and different solace controls. Code P0620 ACtronics offers the likelihood to have a Body Control Module remanufactured rather than fixed.

The TCM meld is in the principal combine block and is likely 10 amps. Assuming the breaker is blown, that is affirmation yet the defective circuit implies there is a short out in the TCM or potentially wiring that would need to be followed and fixed.

Likely causes of a breaking down BCM incorporate hard effect impacts, free wiring outfits, shorting of wires, unnecessary intensity from the motor, and harmed sensors. These occurrences can create numerous issues, for example, PC errors, which could make your vehicle difficult to drive.

Will disconnecting battery reset BCM?

To finish the body control module reset, you should reconnect the battery. This restores the electrical inventory through the BCM as well as other electrical peripherals of the vehicle.

A U0101 code happens on the grounds that the TCM is struggling with speaking with the remainder of the vehicle. That implies the most well-known explanations behind a U0101 code are exceptionally straightforward things, for example, a broken battery with voltage issues, harmed terminals, separated connectors, and harm to the ground association.

Sadly, any control module should be streaked or reconstructed to connection to the sensors and monitors of a singular vehicle for them to work accurately. This should be finished by a vendor or a few automotive subject matter experts, as they control security codes to reinvent these frameworks.


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