I rebooted my laptop as of late, and presently my keyboard has totally stopped working. I took a gander at the situation with my keyboard under Gadget Director and it reports that my keyboard is a ‘Standard PS/2 Keyboard’ with a blunder code 39. The particular blunder message is: ‘Windows can’t stack the gadget driver for this equipment. (Code 39)’.

I have scoured the Web and have attempted different library ‘fixes’ on the web, yet nothing works! You fixed my PC a couple of years back utilizing your far off desktop support administration. And I might want to recruit you again to fix this keyboard blunder code 39 issue. The main way I can type right currently is utilizing the on-screen keyboard, which is exceptionally awkward.

I have not had this issue previously yet was able to interface with Alan utilizing my far off desktop support administration to have a more critical look. Sufficiently sure, his laptop keyboard was recorded as a “PS/2 keyboard” with blunder code 39. At first I figured this could have been a misstep, since PS/2 keyboards are normally outside keyboards. However, it’s conceivable the laptop keyboard and PS/2 keyboards utilize a similar driver.

On the off chance that you are attempting to utilize USB gadgets. For example, pen drive, keyboard, mouse or versatile hard plate however not even one of them are distinguished on your PC then this implies there is some issue with your USB Port. Yet, to check this is the situation here. You really want to initially test the USB gadget on one more PC to affirm they are dealing with that framework.

how to fix code 39 keyboard

Fixing Code 39 Keyboard

On the off chance that you’ve been involving your computer for any period of time, almost certainly, this isn’t the principal error you have experienced on it. Rinnai Code 11 Computer errors, for example, error code 39 can happen can any time, for example, while endeavoring to utilize a fringe gadget, while dealing with an application, or when the computer first boots up. Computer errors happen for such countless various reasons, of these reasons; the principal guilty parties will generally be malware, library debasement, spyware and infections.

Cause of Error Code 39

There are so many various factors that can add to the code 39 error, for example, driver issues, vault debasement, equipment blames, and harmed framework documents.

  • However, of the different causes, the most well known will generally be the accompanying:
  • Driver for a gadget is absent.
  • A gadget driver record has become tainted.
  • The document I/O process has experienced an issue.
  • A document inside a gadget driver is referring to an absent or defiled double record.

Repair Windows

On the other hand you could utilize the Windows repair tool called Reimage, which can reinstall your Windows establishment, on the fly, without the prerequisite of your Windows Album, and with very little aptitude. Reimage is likewise profoundly proficient at fixing gadget director errors alongside the waiting impacts of them. So this is most certainly a suggested choice.

Restart Your Computer

On the off chance that you haven’t previously done this, then, at that point, restarting your computer is one of the absolute first things you ought to do.

There is generally the opportunity that the error code 39 is because of the working frameworks powerlessness to confirm or initialise the gadget drivers at that specific case. In which case, a basic restart might be everything necessary to fix it.

Undo Recent Changes

Did you recently make changes to a gadget on your computer, only before getting the error code 39 in gadget director? Assuming this is the case, then, at that point, it’s probable the error is because of that change.

In this specific circumstance, you ought to think about undoing every recent change, then, at that point, restarting your computer.

Contingent upon the changes you have made, you could do the accompanying:

a. Use Framework Restore to undo all recent changes to your working framework. In the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea how to utilize this program, then I suggest you look at my post on Windows Framework Restore.

how to fix code 39 keyboard

How do I fix a corrupted keyboard driver?

Select “Gadget Administrator” from the sheet on the left. Shoe Apex Xbox Extend the Keyboards segment, right-click on the keyboard you need to repair and pick “Uninstall.” Snap the Windows “Begin” button and select “Restart.” When your computer boots up, Windows will distinguish your keyboard and introduce the driver.

The gadget driver might have become ruined. Uninstall the driver from Gadget Director and sweep for new equipment to introduce the driver once more. In the gadget’s Properties exchange box, click the Driver tab, and afterward click Uninstall.

  • Turn off your keyboard.
  • With the keyboard turned off, hold down the ESC key.
  • While holding down the ESC key, plug the keyboard back into your computer.
  • After around 5 seconds, discharge the ESC key. You will see the keyboard lighting streak on the off chance that the reset is fruitful.

An obsolete or degenerate driver could be the explanation your keyboard isn’t working. Stage 1: Right-click on Start and select Gadget Administrator. Stage 2: Extend Keyboards. Stage 3: Right-click on the impacted keyboard and select Update driver.

How do I troubleshoot problems with my keyboard?

There are numerous things which could cause issues with keyboards. One of the most widely recognized things is a piece of trash stuck between keys. Turn the keyboard and tap it on the work area. You might have recently fixed it. Have a go at hauling a collapsed piece of paper between the lines of keys to slacken more scraps, again tap it once more.

On the off chance that you have a keyboard with a round plug, power off the whole PC prior to turning off, re-stopping it. Normally you can pull off it, however in some cases you get smoke from the motherboard – now and again white, in some cases dark or dim. That is a great method for obliterating a PC motherboard. Then, at that point, the keyboard is the most insignificant part of your concerns.

There are electrical things which can turn out badly with a keyboard too. Continuously turn off the keyboard prior to dismantling it. Even better, go purchase a substitution keyboard before you fix up your old keyboard. Try not to waste the old keyboard, attempt to fix it. Try not to discard it. it should be discarded appropriately, similar to some other hardware.


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