Code 35 Thermo king Here is some data in regards to code 35 on the TK units. Before I send it, did you end up having your alternator changed on it? Code 35 is for the microchip on the unit. There are programming updates to assist with fixing the units. You should test the board to verify everything looks great with the unit.

At any rate, here is the data from a past concern in regards to that equivalent code that was shipped off me from Thermo King:

It is conceivable that the accompanying units will bomb the Full Pretrip Test and record Caution Code 35 Thermo king (Run Transfer Circuit) and Alert Code 28 (Pretrip Cut short), when furnished with Thermo King alternators (P/N 41-6780 [37 amp], P/N 41-6781 [65 amp], and P/N 41-6782 [120 amp]).

SB-400 units outfitted with μP-VI Regulators. This happens in light of the fact that units with Code 35 Thermo king alternators draw less current than units with the Australian Bosch alternators. While the Run Hand-off Circuit is being tried during the non-running piece of the Full Pretrip Test.

This lower current attract makes the product record Alert Codes 28 and 35. The product has been changed to consider the lower current draw and won’t record. Alert Codes 28 and 35 on units furnished with Thermo King alternators. The accompanying table shows the earliest programming modifications that are viable with Thermo King alternators.

how to fix code 35 thermo king

Fixing Code 35 Thermo king

This code appears when the control framework is in motor run mode hopes to read voltage in the 8D circuit after the Run Relay (ON/OFF) contacts yet the voltage is absent for 5 seconds. Code NW-3-6 Netflix Turning APU motor switch off won’t generate this alarm except if the motor is running at the same time.

Check for broken fan belts.

  • This is the easiest thing on the rundown. Open up the lower and upper front entryways and check for absent or broken belts.
  • Replace as required.
  • Make certain to check the idler gear box for frozen or worn bearings.
  • Check for a defective 12-volt battery.
  • This is surprisingly common.
  • At the point when you turn on the unit, it loses power before engaging the starter. The screen may go blank or squint on and off.

Utilize a voltmeter and check that the battery voltage is right (12V).

  • Bounce the starter and notice the battery voltage.
  • On the off chance that the starter fails to engage and the voltage falls to 1V or 0V, then you have a bad battery. Replace the battery.
  • Warning: Any attempt to kick off the battery may cause it to detonate.

Check for a defective high-pressure cutout (HPCO) switch.

  • The HPCO is located on the top of the blower.
  • Disconnect the harness and bypass the HPCO switch.
  • In the event that the unit starts, the HPCO switch is defective.

Check the wiring harness on the 8D circuit.

  • In the event that the unit actually won’t start, then check voltage to the HPCO switch.
  • Do a voltage drop test to check for an open circuit.
  • You will require a wiring schematic for the Thermo King unit you are working on.
  • Trace the wiring circuit and check any breakers or switches connected to the circuit.

how to fix code 35 thermo king

What is the best way to fix a stuck garbage disposal?

Switch off the capacity to the disposal at the breaker, most importantly, on the off chance that you can (and know where it is). Code Snake Apex You can reach down into the opening in the sink and feel assuming that there’s any thing deterring the rotation of the blades. Be careful however you can get the blades to oust the obstruction.

There’s also a wrench that accompanies the disposal (it has a hex head like an ALLEN wrench) that you use at the bottom of the disposal under the sink to also rotate the blades to get liberated from the obstruction. Make sure to don’t put bones, meat or anything harder than vegetables down the disposal. Don’t pay attention to handymen! It’s not for everything!

I used to utilize a release key like this one on early disposal units 70-80s in the uk for a property company,as part of my electrical repair work. Whenever liberated off would place bubbling water in unit running forward and switch. If free and wouldn’t run checked electrics if alright called out handymen to replace unit as all properties had same make and model. 90% of time simply required liberating off.

What is the code for steel?

Varying the percentage of carbon produces steel with various qualities. However, higher carbon content frequently translates to stronger yet more weak steel.

Contingent upon the degree of carbon content, carbon prepares can be classified into the accompanying gatherings:

Gentle or Low Carbon Prepares, contain up to 0.32 %C

Medium Carbon Prepares, containing 0.30-0.59 %C

High Carbon Prepares, known to contain over 0.6-0.99 %C

Ultra-high Carbon Prepares that usually contain about 1.0-2.0 %C

Also known as Created Iron, low carbon steel is the commonest and most savvy form. It is easy to work, making it suitable for decorative items like lamp posts and fencing.

As one of the stronger variants, medium carbon steel is many times used to forge large structural applications and automotive components while high-carbon steel is generally utilized for high-strength wires and springs.

Also known as Cast Iron, ultra-high carbon steel is the hardest form of them all and frequently utilized for blades, axles, punches and other special purposes. Since carbon prepares don’t contain chromium, they will generally consume faster than almost every other sort of prepares.

Alloy prepares contain common alloy metals in varying proportions, which makes this sort of steel suitable for explicit applications.

These alloy metals incorporate aluminum, manganese, nickel, titanium, silicon, copper, and chromium, the addition of which produces properties that are not the same as those found in regular carbon prepares.

While added, alloying components can change properties like strength, pliability, formability, hardenability, and ability to oppose corrosion.

For instance, stainless steel is created by adding chromium and nickel whereas the addition of aluminum brings about a more uniform appearance.


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