It is irritating that you can’t begin the application with the error code ce-35668-8, particularly when you are anxious to play the most loved game, correct? How to fix this error? Presently, read the post of MiniTool and you will get the best investigating strategies from it.

To dispose of the PS4 can’t begin application error code ce-35668-8, you want to sort out its main drivers. As indicated by the review, the genuine explanation for this sort of error is essentially connected with an equipment disappointment with your device.

What equipment disappointments will excite the error code ce-35668-8? There are 3 significant types of devices are liable for the error, including your PS4 interior and ce-32930-7 outer hard drive, or the Blu-Ray/DVD player. In this way, you want to analyze these devices independently.

error code ce-35668-8

Fix Error Code ce-35668-8

  • Start the PlayStation 4 in Safe Mode, and select 5. Rebuild Database
  • Try launching the app, If the error persists, reboot the system in Safe Mode again and select 3. Update System Software or 4. Rebuild Database.
  • If the error code ce-35668-8 is only occurring with a specific application, delete the application by pressing the OPTIONS button on your controller while highlighting the application on the Home screen and select Delete. Install the application again via the PlayStation Store.
  • The error occurs with multiple or all applications, back up your saved data in Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data in System Storage and initialize the PlayStation 4 system at Settings > Initialization > Initialize PS4 > Quick.

error code ce-35668-8

How do I Fix my PS4 Error Code CE-30916?

The error code ce-30391-6 implies that is a framework error and your control center requirements service. For this situation we compassionately request that you follow us through Twitter on @AskPlayStation so we can send you a Direct Message with additional guidelines. Kindly let us know once you do.

How can you Fix the Error Code CE-30391-6 on PS4/PS4 Pro?

My accomplice had a similar error code on his ps4. Couldn’t mess around, continued to log him out. Expected to have wifi to fix it, we just moved in another property and just had my portable information wifi. We fixed this issue by turning on my versatile area of interest, “go to settings-associations/portable area of interest and tying, it will let you know how to turn this on (switch off you versatile information first).


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