Disable iPhone Notifications on Your Bluetooth Device Fortunately. There’s a method for canning hold your iPhone back from sending those notifications along. (On the off chance that you don’t see this option, then, at that point, it’s conceivable that the device doesn’t uphold incapacitating notifications. Check the device maker’s site for help.)

From that point forward, leave Settings. From here onward, you will never again see or get iPhone framework notifications on your Bluetooth device. Harmony finally.

Thus, I am a first time iPhone client, been utilizing Samsung phones for my entire life and chose in January to change from Samsung Galaxy to iPhone 12 Pro. There are two issues that I am having with my iPhone: 1. I get notifications (the standard on my screen) from my applications like news applications, game apps…etc. However I don’t get notification SOUNDS for all of my applications. I get notification sounds for some of them yet not every one of them and not constantly. The only applications that I ALWAYS get a notification sounds from are any Apple applications like the Apple News application, Messages application.

How to Disable iPhone Notifications on Your Bluetooth Device

How to Disable iPhone Notifications on Your Bluetooth Device

You can track down notifications by going to Settings > Apps and notifications. Change the Colour of an Object in Photoshop Progressed can be touched. To permit notification specks to show, then, at that point, turn the button on or off.

You can utilize the Chrome application to open the Chrome program on your Android device or tablet. You can empower the settings to one side by tapping More. Click Permissions. Check your pop-ups and diverts. Enact the sidetracks, pop-ups, and different means to stop them.

The initial step is to open the Settings application by tapping. You can likewise tap on Notifications and Sound. Introduce the App Notifications tab. On the Block application, tap the toggle close to the Block icon to turn on and off notifications or to un-open the App.

Go to the App Info Page and long-press one of the application icons to oversee it. Using this interaction will decrease the disturbance of your Android device.

How to Disable iPhone Notifications on Your Bluetooth Device

How do I lock my Bluetooth on my iPhone?

Go to security > brilliant Lock and add your home location to confided in places. You can likewise add a Bluetooth device (like a speaker or confided in device). Once you do this, your phone won’t request a lock secret key when it identifies that you are at home or on the other hand on the off chance that you are connected to one of the confided in devices.

Go to settings, Connections, Bluetooth, open the settings wheel for the connected bluetooth and settle on certain the two Decisions and Audio are turned ON. This ought to assist with hearing the notification sounds without the need to keep the bluetooth mini headphones constantly. You can continue to involve the bluetooth for calls.

How do I get notification sounds when connected to Bluetooth?

In the event that the connected bluetooth doesn’t have the two calls and sound turned on, go to settings, Connections, Bluetooth, right-click and select the Bluetooth option. Accordingly, it ought to be feasible to hear notification sounds without continually keeping the bluetooth headphones set up.

Swipe down on the notification board to see a rundown of your notifications. Press and hang on the one you need to switch off and tap Turn off notifications. You can likewise long-press a notification as it works out, then tap the settings pinion to be taken straightforwardly to notification settings.


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