Change Your PS4 Profile Cover Picture

Here in this post we will guide how you can customize many pieces of your PS4 profile and make your profile remarkable to you. One perspective you can change is your PS4 profile cover photograph. Here’s the means by which you can change your PS4 profile cover photograph and set it to any picture you like. Fortunately, Change Your PS4 Profile Cover Picture permits you to trade out symbols as you wish, so on the off chance that you buy or acquire new symbols, it is unbelievably clear to change it.

Notwithstanding a standard PlayStation Network symbol, you can likewise show a genuine photo of yourself to your picked companions on the PlayStation 4. These pictures can be snatched from your Facebook account. You’ll have to guarantee that your profile is connected to your Facebook account prior to following these means.

It’s been a long method change your PS4 profile cover picture, yet you would never thought often much about altering symbol. Truth be told, have as of late put a hold on from my games to redo the vibe of my profile. The standard line up of PSN symbols that Sony has is extremely restricting. Obviously, you can get more, however that implies you’ll need to get a few. Regardless, I’ve as of late discovered that it’s feasible to set up a custom picture as a profile picture.

How do you Change PS4 Profile Cover Photo?

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. In the first place, you need to get to your PS4 profile cover picture settings. Do this with both of these pathways:

  • Settings > Account Management > Account Information > Profile > Cover Image
  • Profile > Change Cover Image

From here, you can add, change, and eliminate your Change Your PS4 Profile Cover Picture picture just as pick a foundation tone for it. In your profile settings, you can likewise change a combination of things, including changing your PS4 profile symbol.

Select Change Cover Image. Presently, you can pick one of your screen captures as your PS4 cover picture. This can sound restricting as, from the start, you can just pick between programmed prize screen captures, in-game screen captures, or general PS4 screen captures you might’ve taken.

Be that as it may, you can set your cover picture to whatever picture you like. To do this, go to your PS4’s Internet Browser application, look for a picture you need, press square to go to full screen, then, at that point take a screen capture of it utilizing the Share button on your regulator.

1. Go to the PS4 Settings Screen

Change Your PS4 Profile Cover Picture

Whenever you’ve signed into your Change Your PS4 Profile Cover Picture, push up on the d-cushion to get to the top layer of menu choices. Look over right to one side until you discover a tool kit named ‘Settings’, and tap the X button.

2. Select PSN

In the menu, look down to the choice marked ‘PSN’ utilizing the d-cushion and select it with the X button.

3. Select Account Information

In the PSN region, look down to the choice marked ‘Record Information’ utilizing the d-cushion and select it with the X button.

4. Select Profile

When you’re into the ‘Record Information’ screen, look down to ‘Profile’ with the d-cushion and select it with the X button.

5. Change Your Profile Picture

When you’re in the ‘Profile’ region, look down to ‘Change Your PS4 Profile Cover Picture’ with the d-cushion and select it with the X button. In the event that your Facebook account is effectively connected, this will raise a picture of your present Facebook profile symbol. To empower this, mark the crate named ‘Utilize My Facebook Profile Picture’ with the X button and select ‘Affirm’. You can cripple the picture by turning around the above advances.

Keep Your PS4 Personalized and Organized

Presently you can change your Your PS4 profile cover picture! Go ahead and stir things up sometimes and switch between sharp backdrops and your remarkable in-game screen captures.

Make certain to keep on top of both your PS4’s look and association both assume an essential part and make your PS4 the best framework it very well may be intended for you.


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