Change the wallpaper on your Samsung Galaxy phone Wallpaper is one of the default items controlled by the Android home screen menu. These images can be preloaded on your phone as wallpaper or you can select them from your phone’s gallery. B. The picture you took. The wallpaper is animated and displays a changing image or responds to touch.

For example, select Gallery to use the photos you have taken, or select Wallpaper to select a preset wallpaper.
You may see a list of wallpaper options. The Select Image option allows you to select an image using the Gallery or Photo app. Live wallpapers can be listed by name. When prompted, select the desired wallpaper from the list.

Select a photo from your phone to see a preview of the wallpaper. The Crop tool is displayed, and you can select a part of the image to crop. A settings icon appears for certain live wallpapers. This allows you to customize certain aspects of the interactive wallpaper.

How to change the wallpaper on your Samsung Galaxy phone

Changing the wallpaper on your Samsung Galaxy phone

One of the easiest ways to add flare to your new Android phone is to set a custom wallpaper. update Fortnite on Nintendo Switch You can choose from the default wallpaper choices that come with your phone, use the pictures in the gallery, or download cool wallpapers. You can dive into your phone settings and set your custom lock screen and home screen images together or individually, but the process of exchanging new home screen wallpapers is easy regardless of your phone or launcher. is.

The wallpaper changes are about the same on all Android smartphones, but some minor differences vary from smartphone to smartphone. This makes it easy to remember and perform when upgrading to a new Android device.

Changing the wallpaper on your Samsung device is slightly different from the above method. This is because Samsung offers some options over most other phones. However, if you just purchased a new Android device, it may not be clear how to change the default wallpaper. If you don’t already have the wallpaper you want to use, here’s how to change it on your Android device.

How to change the wallpaper on your Samsung Galaxy phone

Why can’t I change my wallpaper on my phone?

Disable media storage. That’s why this is happening. When you activate it, the phone can load your photo and set your wallpaper again. Scroll to Settings-Apps-View System Apps (upper right)-Media Storage and click Enable.

The theme of is not the same as wallpaper. Themes change colors, icons, menus, and wallpapers allow you to set wallpapers and images on your screen.

Why can’t I change my home screen wallpaper Android?

To change the background image of your home screen or lock screen, tap the background image of your photo. Preview the screen and tap the checkmark. From the menu, select the option that suits your needs.

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