Change the Backup Location of iTunes is Apple’s across the board media administrator. Customer facing facade, and playback application for Mac and Windows. Albeit a few region of the application are adjustable, Apple has a long record of simply concluding how certain things will function.

One region where the organization chose to administer with an iron clench hand was setting the reinforcement area for iTunes in Windows 10. In any case, the site presently says to download iTunes from the Microsoft App Store. Despite the fact that they likewise have a connection for downloading more established variants of iTunes for Windows, up to form 12.10.11.

There is no setting inside iTunes to change your reinforcement area. That is where iTunes will put your versatile adjusts and reinforcements, regardless of whether you like it. Notwithstanding, you can take care of around the issue by utilizing a symlink.

Numerous clients have a C: parcel that incorporates just Windows and is tiny. Situated on a strong state drive (SSD) for ideal execution. They would rather not have an always developing amassing of telephone reinforcements obstructing that drive and spending its compose cycles.

How to Change the Backup Location of iTunes

Changing the Backup Location of iTunes

iTunes is a program created by Apple that you can use to play and deal with your media records on Apple gadgets. Return a Game on Steam iTunes is additionally accessible for Windows gadgets. You can introduce it either from the Microsoft Store as an application or download its installer document from Apple’s true site to introduce it as programming. The default establishment area of iTunes is the C drive. At the point when you sync iTunes on your iPhone to iTunes on your Windows PC.

A Mobile Sync envelope is made naturally in your C registry that contains a Backup organizer. The Backup organizer is utilized to store iTunes reinforcement. Consequently, its size increments with time. Thus, it is smart to change its area from the C drive to another drive. In this article, we will make sense of how for change iTunes reinforcement area in Windows 11/10.

Also, when you Restore iPhone from Backup, iTunes consequently goes to the area of iPhone Backups put away on your PC and permits you to choose any iPhone Backup as accessible on your PC.

How to Change the Backup Location of iTunes

Can I move an iTunes Backup?

Find your outer drive (in File Explorer), then drag the iTunes organizer you supported up before from your outside drive to your interior drive. Significant: It’s energetically suggested that you set the iTunes organizer back in [User folder]\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media.

In the iTunes application on your PC, pick Edit > Preferences, then click Advanced. Click Change, then select another area for your records.

Can I change location of my iPhone Backup in iTunes?

You can’t. Apple doesn’t permit clients to change the default area for its framework reinforcements. There is no authority order in the iPhone gadget or the iTunes application that gives the client a decision to change this. You can either utilize representative connections or download an outsider program that will move reinforcements for you.

Utilize the accompanying order mklink/d Backup “[desired-new-reinforcement path]” . When this order has been placed, press ⏎ Enter and the change will be finished. In the wake of restarting Windows, iTunes will store its reinforcements in the new area.


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