Batch Delete your Old Tweets Today, it is one of the largest social media platforms and has been around for over 15 years. It’s enough time to build a huge archive of thoughts, opinions, and embarrassing song lyrics that you may not always agree with or remember tweets.

The answer is officially no. Twitter does not provide a way to delete tweets in bulk. In fact, the best way to start anew in the app is to create a new account with a temporary username, replace it with your current account, and start anew with a blank slate. However, this also means losing all followers.

Fortunately, you can use third-party sites to search and delete old tweets in bulk. I tried Tweet Deleter, which allows you to search and delete up to 5 tweets a month for free. If you like this service, you can upgrade to one of Tweet Deleter’s paid plans to delete many tweets and likes at once.

How to batch delete your old tweets

How to Batch Delete your Old Tweets

Everyone has a past experience that they would rather forget. Download a Discord Profile Picture Looking back on previous tweets, we can cling to whatever we were, how naive and indifferent we were before. You are not alone. Many public figures have their own share of absurdity on Twitter.

But you don’t have to keep tweeted bugs hanging there forever. Fortunately, you have a life-saving option that can get rid of all the horrifying tweets of the past. It’s a bulk delete of tweets.

As you know, you can manually delete tweets one by one from Twitter itself without using third party tools. However, bulk deletion is another issue. Fortunately, there are many tweet deletion tools that we can choose from. Before we get started, let’s think about one thing first.

Once deleted, Tweets will be lost forever. If you want to keep track of them, Twitter has a tool that allows you to archive all your tweets, download them, and save them to your computer.

Twitter will soon email you a ZIP file containing all your tweets. The destination email address is usually the same email address you use to log in to Twitter.

How to batch delete your old tweets

What is the easiest way to delete old tweets?

Go to your Twitter account settings and select the Twitter Data tab under Data & Permissions. This will bring up a tab where you can download your Twitter data after re-entering your password. After saving the old tweet for posterity, start deleting it.

You can use our free tools to automatically delete old tweets. However, most of what you post online is archived, so there is still a way to find what you said. However, tools such as can be used to automatically delete public posts on the Twitter timeline at any time.

Can I delete all my tweets?

There are effectively two ways to delete a Tweet. The first is a service like TweetDelete that just plugs into your Twitter account. Deleting tweets is free and easy, but incomplete. Just remove the latest 3,200 tweets from the world. Let’s call this a “delete light”.

If you’re looking for something more robust than the, you can use paid services such as TweetDeleter and TweetEraser. TweetDeleter costs $ 5.99 per month and not only automatically deletes tweets of a certain age, but also deletes up to 3,000 tweets per day.


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